Menopause and HRT: the pros and cons of hormone therapy

[ad_1] Hormones (estrogens) are an effective tool for correcting a woman’s health during a difficult period in her life, menopause. Replacement therapy can change a lot for the better. MedAboutMe will tell you about potential risks, dispel unfounded fears, and help you get an objective idea of ​​​​the various methods for correcting estrogen levels. Important! […]

Itching in the groin: looking for the cause

[ad_1] Itching is always a cause of discomfort, but such symptoms in the intimate area completely cause panic and serious concerns. The first thought that comes to mind is sexually transmitted infections. Such symptoms almost always make you suspect a partner of treason or recall your own recent adventures. Itching in the intimate area can […]

Inflammation of the female genital organs: causes and manifestations

[ad_1] Inflammation is a protective and adaptive reaction that occurs in organs or tissues as a result of exposure to a pathogenic factor. It can form in any system of the human body and in each case is accompanied by its own specific symptoms. One of the most serious problems for women’s health are diseases […]

Unpleasant symptoms of premenopause: methods of struggle

[ad_1] Menopause, or menopause, is an inevitable period in a woman’s life, a natural hormonal restructuring of the body, associated with the gradual extinction of reproductive function. The harbinger of the final loss of this function is the stage called premenopause by experts, when the first symptoms of hormonal changes appear, often having a very […]

A nutritionist told how to choose a pumpkin in a supermarket

[ad_1] Nutrition expert Anna Grace said that when choosing a pumpkin in a supermarket, you need to focus on its appearance. “A tasty and edible pumpkin has a dense skin, but not “wooden”, that is, it should not have cracks and soft spots,” Grace explained to Channel Five. She noted that the dark spots on […]

Cervical dysplasia: principles of a healthy diet

[ad_1] Cervical dysplasia is an atypical change in the epithelial tissue of the vagina, which is referred to as a precancerous process. The disease is found in 1-2 women out of a thousand. The risk of developing this disease increases not only with frequent inflammation and infection of the cervix, but also with a deficiency […]

Nerve cells are restored? Can MEMOPROVE® help?

[ad_1] One of the most urgent medical problems of our time is cognitive health disorders. What it is? Doctors and psychologists define the concept of cognition (from the Latin word cognition) as knowledge, study, awareness. What is the boss’s name? In the broad sense of the word, cognition is the ability to perceive and process […]

Excessive sweating after 40 years: menopause or disease?

[ad_1] Profuse sweating is usually associated with hot weather and intense workouts. But if a person is 40 or more years old, and he notices that he regularly wakes up on wet sheets, his palms are always sweaty, this may be due to a special health condition (climax), taking certain medications, diabetes mellitus or other […]

Plants useful for women’s beauty and health

[ad_1] For thousands of years, the gifts of forests and fields have been used for medicinal purposes and to maintain beauty and youth. Even with the development of medicine and cosmetology, many herbs remain the main helpers of women in maintaining skin elasticity, hair shine and nail strength. Beauty is a terrible power, especially if […]

Features of the menopause, which is important to know

[ad_1] Hot flashes, increased sweating, weight gain, decreased libido… It seems that modern women know about the period in life, which is called menopause or menopause, absolutely everything. But it turns out there are many side effects and problems associated with this important natural step that are rarely talked about. “Many women only think of […]