Maybe, but don’t want to

Maybe, but don't want to

“Don’t you want to?.. Al, maybe you can’t?..” Sholokhov’s Daria teased her father-in-law when she failed to seduce the old man. Today, the public is torturing asexuals with the same malice: whose brothers will you be, are you not one of the impotent ones?.. They fight back: do not confuse asexuality with physical incapacity. The opportunity is there, the desire is not. The confession of one nehochuha is characteristic: “My erection annoys me, because it seems absolutely meaningless …”

How they do it — there is an erection, but no desire — we, simple sexophiles, do not understand. In Russia, for example, according to statistics, more than 11% of women and 7.2% of men deliberately refuse intimacy, while 2% of married couples abstain from sexual activity and feel quite happy.

Well, as the Prince of Denmark used to say, “since the king is not interested in the play, there is no interest in it for him.”

Want but can’t

But, often the rejection of intimacy is explained not only by certain diseases, such as impotence, but also by everyday problems, routine, postpartum depression and stress, and, oddly enough, an overabundance of intimate information around.

Doctors do not recommend long-term abstinence and explain what it is fraught with. First of all, this has a detrimental effect on the female body, causing hormonal imbalance, which negatively affects mental health — nervous breakdowns, depression, mood swings. Scientists are sure that women who are sexually irregular are more likely to suffer from cervical cancer, fibroids, breast fibroadenoma and uterine fibroids, they have impaired functions of almost all organs.

The consequences of prolonged abstinence will not bypass men. In addition to psychological problems, stagnation of seminal fluid leads to the development of prostatitis.

According to the latest research by psychologists, cosmetologists and doctors, it has been proven that sex has a beneficial effect on health.

  • Normalizes blood pressure;
  • Activates the immune system;
  • Stimulates the work of the brain and the entire circulatory system;
  • It smoothes wrinkles, and the increased activity of hormones produced during sex helps to get rid of acne, gives shine to hair and nails;
  • Relieves stress, depression and helps improve mood;
  • Relieves back pain.

So, we found out that abstinence is harmful to the body. So do not go against nature if you are healthy. And if you are already sick, run to the doctor. For, as the same Vishnevsky wrote, “this apple was given out by paradise, and anyone can pick it … Why don’t we play games with you? We are adults with you! ..».