In Russia, they can create an Agency for Loneliness. The corresponding initiative was made by the first deputy head of the Liberal Democratic Party in the State Duma and deputy chairman of the health committee Sergei Leonov, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the parliamentarian, such an organization is necessary for the development of psychological assistance tools in the country.

“A similar position already exists in the UK and Japan. Their task is to develop programs for the psychological support of citizens,” he explained.

Leonov specified that today more than 5 million Russians suffer from mental disorders. Many of them have mild illnesses, but symptoms such as insomnia, depression and distraction can negatively affect the quality of life of any person.

The parliamentarian stressed that primary psychological assistance should become publicly available. In addition, he stated the need to get rid of the negative associations that arise in many people at the thought of visiting the appropriate specialist.

“Today, a person who has applied to a psychotherapist’s office completely undeservedly causes unreasonable anxiety and almost condemnation among those around him,” Leonov said.

Earlier, coach and psychologist Nigina Vellar told how to check your mental attitude in order to identify the problem in time and not start it. She clarified that work issues, problems at home, general circumstances around could be a cause for concern.