Genital herpes is a viral disease that affects the mucous membranes of the genital organs, caused by herpesvirus 2 (less often — 1) type. Most often, this infection is detected in females, but it also occurs in men. Such a disease, in the absence of the necessary treatment, leads to a significant decrease in the quality of life of a sick person, and can be complicated by secondary bacterial infection. In this article, we will talk about the signs and treatment of genital herpes on the penis.

How does genital herpes manifest in men?

How does genital herpes manifest in men?

First you need to understand that genital herpes is primary and recurrent. The primary form is established at the first episode of infection, recurrent — at all subsequent episodes.

The primary clinical signs are redness, swelling and burning in the zone of the entrance gate of the infectious flora. Most often in men, the glans and foreskin of the penis are involved in the pathological process, less often the urethra, prostate.

The patient complains of pain in the vulva. After some time, vesicular rashes appear on a hyperemic and edematous background. Bubbles are small, can be located in groups, filled with serous contents. Vesicles open up, leaving behind painful erosions that make it difficult to go to the toilet, walking, causing problems with sleep.

As a rule, in parallel, there is a violation of the general condition of a sick person with an increase in body temperature, the appearance of weakness and malaise, headache and muscle pain.

Recurrent genital herpes is detected in more than half of patients who have undergone the primary form. This disease can have a different course. In some men, remissions of various durations are observed, followed by exacerbations of the same duration, differing in duration. In other people, there is a gradual decrease in the duration of exacerbations, lengthening of remissions.

During an exacerbation, exactly the same symptoms are observed as in the primary form, however, as a rule, they are slightly less pronounced.

Tactics for the treatment of genital herpes

Note that only a doctor should deal with the treatment of genital herpes. Self-administration of any medication is unacceptable.

The basis of therapy is antiviral drugs. In this case, agents from the group of acyclic nucleosides, for example, acyclovir, valaciclovir, are most often prescribed. They can also be combined with interferon preparations.

In 2012, scientists from the Kazakh National Medical University named after. S.D. Asfendiyarov published a paper in which it was concluded that combination therapy with valaciclovir and a drug containing benzocaine, interferon alfa-2b and taurine is effective in the treatment of genital herpes.

In parallel, immunomodulatory therapy is carried out, general strengthening agents are used.

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