Many women know firsthand what cellulite, or gynoid lipodystrophy, is. As statistics show, certain signs of cellulite are found in almost 80% of females aged 20 to 30 years. There is an opinion among people that gynoid lipodystrophy is an exclusively female problem. In this article, we will try to figure out if there is cellulite in men?

Can a man get cellulite?

Can a man get cellulite?

Cellulite is a pathological condition accompanied by dystrophic changes in the subcutaneous fat, leading to impaired microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, the appearance of characteristic external signs.

Despite the fact that gynoid lipodystrophy is a pathology more characteristic of women, it also occurs in men, although it is extremely rare.

Why are men less likely to experience cellulite? First of all, this is due to the specifics of the action of female sex hormones — estrogens, which have a significant impact on the condition of the skin. Most men with gynoid lipodystrophy have hormonal problems, such as androgen deficiency.

Another important factor is the structure of the skin. Cellulite is formed in places with a high content of subcutaneous fat. In women of any physique, the percentage of subcutaneous fat is greater than in men. In addition, the skin of men contains more collagen, less extensible, more dense than that of women. In this regard, the external signs of cellulite in the stronger sex are rarely found.

If a man still develops gynoid lipodystrophy, most often characteristic external changes are found in the abdomen. Much less often, cellulite is localized on the legs and other parts of the body.

How can a man get rid of cellulite?

In addition to the fact that cellulite in men is diagnosed much less frequently than in women, it is also much more treatable.

First of all, with gynoid lipodystrophy, it is necessary to reconsider your diet, namely, to abandon the excessive consumption of fatty, fried foods, sweets, and fast food. In addition, regular exercise will help in the fight against cellulite.

Various hardware methods have proven themselves well in the treatment of gynoid lipodystrophy. These include vacuum massage, pressotherapy, electromyostimulation and much more.

Another way to treat cellulite is a complex thermo- and photochromo-ultrasound treatment in combination with ozone/NO-containing substances. In 2014, scientists from the Omsk State Medical Academy published a paper, the results of which established the effectiveness of this method in the treatment of gynoid lipodystrophy.

Also, various massage techniques, thalassotherapy procedures are widely used to combat cellulite. Another effective method of treatment is mesotherapy, which implies the injection of microdoses of specially selected drugs into the affected area.

The most important thing in the treatment of cellulite is an integrated approach. The use of several methods of influence at once brings tangible results in a relatively short time.

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