Maintaining the reproductive health of the population is one of the most important medical and social problems. Every year, the number of people with certain reproductive disorders is steadily growing. At the same time, not only adults, but also adolescents often face various diseases of the reproductive system. In this article, we will talk about the prevention of reproductive health disorders.

sex life

The primary method of preventing reproductive health disorders is sanitary and educational work among adolescents with the participation of parents and doctors. All adolescents need to be explained the importance of protection during sexual intercourse, the need for protection to prevent sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies. In addition, you should talk in detail about what methods of contraception exist, how to use them correctly.

To maintain reproductive health, people should refrain from frequent changes of sexual partners.

In adulthood, an important aspect of preventing problems from the reproductive system is a regular sexual life. It has long been proven that too long abstinence from sexual intercourse negatively affects the state of the reproductive system in both men and women.



Speaking of infections, it is worth noting that not only venereal diseases have a negative impact on reproductive health. Some infectious diseases suffered in childhood can also cause infertility. One of them is epidemic parotitis.

Thus, in order to maintain reproductive health, it is necessary to treat various infections correctly and in a timely manner, and to protect oneself from sexually transmitted diseases.

Bad habits and lifestyle

To maintain reproductive health, it is extremely important to give up such bad habits as smoking, alcohol abuse. Both nicotine and ethyl alcohol can have a negative impact on the formation of germ cells, the state of the entire reproductive system.

As for lifestyle, we primarily mean avoiding severe stress, regular exercise, good sleep. All this plays an important role in the prevention of reproductive health disorders.

Working conditions

Many problems with reproductive function arise due to unfavorable working conditions. In 2017, scientists from Kazan State Medical University published the results of a study aimed at identifying reproductive health disorders in men working in mechanical engineering. As a result, it was found that the factors that significantly affect the likelihood of reproductive health disorders in men employed in mechanical engineering are exposure to thermal radiation and noise in the workplace.

Thus, in order to preserve reproductive health, it is necessary to try to minimize occupational hazards.

Check-ups with doctors

One of the leading methods for the prevention of reproductive health disorders is regular preventive examinations by doctors, which make it possible to identify certain problems in the genital area at the earliest possible date.

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