Over the past day in the Russian Federation, 1,750 patients with coronavirus infection required inpatient treatment, which is 4.1% less than on October 13, according to the operational headquarters for combating the spread of the disease.

The number of hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19 decreased in 43 regions of the country and increased in 33.

During the day, 14,736 people infected with coronavirus were detected in the Russian Federation, which is 741 less than the day before.

The number of people who recovered from COVID-19 decreased by 10.6% compared to October 13, to 27,520 people.

Over the past day, 99 cases of death from coronavirus have been recorded in the country, the day before — 101.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the readiness of the Russian Federation to share experience in combating COVID-19 with interested countries.