Candidiasis, better known as thrush, is an infection that affects the mucous membranes and skin. It is caused by the yeast Candida albicans. Although thrush is considered a “female” disease, in men, these fungi also cause various inflammatory processes, including the glans penis, causing candidal balanitis. How do such candidiasis manifest itself in men, what is the treatment, drugs and course of treatment?

Signs of thrush in men

With balanitis, an inflammatory process of the integument of the head of the penis develops, including the foreskin. The disease can have several causes with their manifestations. Balanitis of fungal origin is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • itching, burning, soreness in the head of the penis;
  • small patchy rashes (whitish papules);
  • swelling of the head, folds of the foreskin, sensitivity to touch, including when wearing underwear;
  • the appearance of white curdled discharge with a sour smell in the skin folds, on linen;
  • difficult displacement of the foreskin, pain during intercourse, urination.

Increased risk of candidal balanitis

Increased risk of candidal balanitis

Although anyone can develop this disease, there are risk groups. According to research (Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology), these include men:

  • over 40 years old;
  • suffering from type 2 diabetes;
  • with increased sexual activity and without a permanent partner;
  • neglecting the rules of hygiene of the genital organs;
  • taking drugs that change the balance of the microbiota, in particular antibiotics.

Candidiasis in men: treatment, drugs, course duration

Establishing a diagnosis of candidiasis in a man, prescribing treatment, drugs, a course of treatment duration should be carried out by a urologist. The disease has similar manifestations with other pathologies, including sexually transmitted infections, and the treatment of thrush, drugs for fungal balanitis are powerless against them.

The first thing that is necessary in the treatment of candidiasis in men is not a course of drugs, but hygiene procedures, daily washing of the penis in compliance with the rules:

  • thorough washing of the penis with the removal of the foreskin and washing the folds with running water;
  • the use of intimate hygiene products (no need to use scented shower gels or antibacterial soaps, they can cause an exacerbation);
  • dry the genitals and all skin folds after washing.

Underwear should be loose and made from natural fabrics.

For candidiasis in men, the course of treatment and preparations may differ: for mild primary fungal balanitis, local antifungal creams, gel ointments, for example, with natamycin, nystatin, clotrimazole, or combined formulations (natamycin + hydrocorizone), etc., are often sufficient.

If local therapy does not help (the duration of use for ointments is different, on average 7 days), with severe symptoms and patients at risk, systemic treatment of candidiasis with oral drugs (nystatin, clotrimazole and other antimycotics) is prescribed.

It is important to use a condom during the course of treatment during sexual intercourse, and to check the partner with a gynecologist: the fungal flora is easily transmitted and multiplies, causing circular infection at the end of therapy.

With frequent exacerbations of candidiasis, drugs with probiotics can be prescribed, both as an additional therapy and to prevent the restoration of microflora.

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