Snoring is one of the leading causes of death in sleep. It is reported URA.RU with reference to the otolaryngologist Olga Malchenko.

She noted that this problem can cause respiratory arrest. In addition, due to complicated snoring, the risk of arterial hypertension, intracranial and arterial pressure increases.

According to Malchenko, snoring leads to lack of sleep and daytime sleepiness. As a result, working capacity and quality of life are reduced, the expert warned.

The presence of snoring indicates the presence of a disease of the nasal cavity, chronic tonsillitis and adenoids. At the same time, being overweight can also lead to snoring, the otolaryngologist added.

Earlier, the sleep specialist Sofia Cherkasova said that avoiding caffeine, doing routine activities and exercising helps to cope with the problem of sleep disturbance due to stress.