For a long time there was confidence that girls and women were strictly forbidden to play sports, any physical activity during the menstrual cycle. Even girls at school were exempted from physical education lessons, believing that this could cause some harm to health. Now the attitude towards this physiological state has changed.

Fitness Benefits for a Delicate Problem

Is it worth changing your usual lifestyle during this period or is it not necessary? A similar question worries most girls and their mothers.

Today, many are sure that light workouts are not only harmless, but also useful during this period. For example, fitness helps reduce pain during menstruation, cope with mood swings. This is due to the fact that even moderate physical activity increases blood circulation in the pelvic organs and provides a large supply of oxygen to the body. In addition, sports activities contribute to the production of endorphin — the hormone of happiness.

However, despite the benefits of training, it is recommended to reduce the intensity of exercise by choosing more relaxed sports. These include yoga, stretching, breathing exercises, which do not reduce the effectiveness of classes. In addition, they calm the nervous system, normalize sleep, which is very important on such days.

These recommendations are suitable for a healthy female body. If there are any health restrictions, chronic diseases, then it is better to refuse from playing sports for this period.

Restriction for physical activity

Restriction for physical activity

The positive effect of sports exercises on the female body is obvious. However, there are some rules of conduct that must be observed during these few days in order to avoid undesirable consequences and complications.

The menstrual cycle, even if it proceeds calmly, without pain, is a reason to refuse to perform exercises such as:

  • «Birch»: standing on the shoulder blades with lifting the legs and moving them behind the head. This causes stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs and the development of endometriosis;
  • a bridge with an emphasis on the shoulder blades and a rise in the pelvis;
  • exercises to strengthen the press, as they can increase pain and discharge;
  • running, jumping. It is better to replace them with walking at a moderate pace;
  • strength fitness with weights, cardio, aerobics with dumbbells or other weights, which can also increase blood flow, cause general malaise and weakness of the body.

Not wanting to interrupt the training process during this period, you can perform relaxing exercises. Such fitness will bring great benefits and improve well-being.

Also, during menstruation, it is not recommended to visit the bath, sauna, solarium. This, like lifting weights, can cause bleeding.

The menstrual cycle is not a reason to limit yourself and completely abandon your usual lifestyle and moderate physical activity. But this applies only to those who have no contraindications. So, it is necessary to cancel training for women who are diagnosed with fibroids, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, exacerbation of other gynecological diseases, severe cramping pains in the lower abdomen, in the lower back, headaches or dizziness, severe weakness, heavy discharge during menstruation.

Causes of menstrual irregularities

Causes of menstrual irregularities

Some girls categorically refuse fitness, fearing hormonal failure.

There are several reasons for breaking the cycle. For example, playing sports at the initial stage can cause a delay in menstruation for several days. But with regular training for two to three months, the situation will stabilize.

In addition, the hormonal background is affected by frequent stressful situations, chronic fatigue, insomnia, a significant amount of excess weight, or, conversely, a low percentage of adipose tissue.

Strict diets, which girls often resort to, together with many hours of grueling workouts, also cause hormonal disruption. The desired weight loss results in negative consequences for the body and health in general. Unfortunately, often this problem can be solved only with the help of long-term drug treatment, which is prescribed by a doctor on the basis of the tests and examination results.

Also, a failure can cause the intake of hormones that increase endurance, muscle growth. They are popular among bodybuilders. As you know, large doses of such hormones, in particular testosterone, do not have the best effect on the work of estrogen. Their regular use over time leads to a complete cessation of the menstrual cycle in women.

The role of nutrition in wellness

Special attention deserves the nutrition of the fairer sex during the menstrual cycle. Someone has an increased appetite, someone does not feel hunger at all. Since at this time the body is weakened, special attention should be paid not only to the intensity of training, but also to your diet. It is believed that overeating, the abuse of salty, smoked, fatty, fried and spicy foods worsens overall health and mood. Alcoholic drinks have the same effect. It is recommended to limit the consumption of coffee, strong tea.

During the menstrual cycle, severe dietary restrictions should be avoided, as this can lead to dizziness, weakness, and nausea.

It is advisable to include vegetables, sea fish, lean meats, fruits, cottage cheese, kefir in the menu — products that help fill the deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. No less useful will be complex carbohydrates in the form of durum pasta, cereals. Do not forget about the drinking regime — the norm is 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day. Recommended five meals a day in small portions.

In general, meals these days should be light so as not to overload the digestive organs and intestines. A balanced diet will help to avoid discomfort and pain.

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