There are probably not so many people in the world who have never liked fairy tales. And try to re-read some of them now, and try to look at fairy-tale heroines from the point of view of your own experience. Surely they have something to learn. In addition, many of the characters loved since childhood have such behavioral habits that modern men really like.

The force of habit «do not wait for the weather by the sea»

What are the useful habits of behavior of the fabulous «wise» and «beautiful»? In principle, this is nothing but a combination of cunning and knowledge. Almost all the heroines of fairy tales are united by five main qualities that men would undoubtedly like to see in women of our time:

  • The first habit is an active lifestyle. Fairy-tale heroines are not in a passive state, waiting for the weather by the sea. Princess Frog, for example, listening to the tasks of the future father-in-law, helps her beloved to fulfill them. The Swan Princess herself fulfills the wishes of her betrothed, and Vasilisa Mikulishna, in order to save her missus, cuts her hair and pretends to be a man;
  • self-confidence — the heroines of fairy tales definitely do not have the habit of underestimating their own self-esteem. They know perfectly well how they look, what talents they have, and in general, what they are capable of in a given situation. This is evidenced not only by their habits of behavior, but also by words. Such women say to their men: «Do not be sad, I will help you.» Fairy-tale beauties are self-sufficient and skillfully use their own abilities;
  • the next distinguishing feature of fairy-tale heroines is success. What are the habits of behavior of Vasilisa the Wise or Marya Morevna, who captivated Koshchei the Immortal himself. Even Cinderella is incredibly successful, because, despite the difficult situation in which her stepmother put her, she perfectly realized herself as a hostess, and even won the heart of a handsome prince at the first opportunity;
  • purposefulness, which is manifested in the fact that the heroines understand their desires and persistently move towards their fulfillment. This can be seen in the example of Thumbelina, who, getting from trouble to trouble, by force of habit finds a way out of every situation, identifying any opportunities and skillfully using them. The heroine of the fairy tale is constantly faced with problems and makes every effort to solve them;
  • individuality — all fabulous beauties know how to demonstrate their own talents and show others their uniqueness. The strength of the habit of giving people positivity and optimism makes them everyone’s favorite. These women do not have the habit of sitting and thinking that it is impossible to correct the situation. They are confident in themselves and in the future, and instill this confidence in their partners.

Being active, confident, purposeful and successful winners, the fairy-tale heroines in the finale arrange a «feast for the whole world» and, of course, «live happily ever after.» And the most important thing is that they have worthy chosen ones — princes, kings and heroes.

Beauty and «magic» habits

Beauty and

The heroines of Russian fairy tales attract attention with their natural beauty. They are slender and graceful, have a majestic posture. In addition, these beauties are nobly dressed and personify the calm and beautiful image of a woman-wife.

But this beauty in fairy tales is not put forward in the first place. First of all, the heroines are endowed with special female wisdom, and men like it more than a beautiful appearance. The ability to behave, understand and support a man is a quality that is worth a lot.

However, fairy tales also say that a woman, in addition to wisdom, should have a certain magical gift, miraculous abilities and skills — the Vedas (sacred knowledge). In a real, not a fairy-tale world, this is knowledge of male psychology, the ability to create a family and keep a home.

Fairy tale psychology: compare behavioral habits

Fairy tale psychology: compare behavioral habits

To find the character traits inherent in fabulous beauties, you need to compare behavioral habits. Let’s show this on the example of some heroines:

  • Princess Frog

At the beginning, the tale makes an unpleasant impression — who wants to marry a frog? But after she successfully copes with all the tasks, our heroine grows up in the eyes of her future husband. And he begins to respect her even before the girl sheds her frog skin.

The psychology of this fairy tale is that the main beauty is not external, but internal. And the ability to properly present oneself is also appreciated. It’s not enough to have virtues, you still need to use them correctly. Knowing your own worth, it is easy to get around your rivals and lead not only yourself, but also your man to success.

The evil stepmother from the fairy tale «Morozko» hates her stepdaughter, loads her with the hardest work and dresses her in rags. And then he decides to get rid of her, leaving the girl alone in the forest. However, Morozko, seeing her good nature, not only helped her escape, but also rewarded her.

The tale shows how the strength of a woman’s habit of doing good and giving tenderness allows a man who is nearby to feel strong and needed.

Five signs of female wisdom

Wise woman:

  • not just directs her man in the right direction. She teaches him and helps him;
  • does not scandalize, does not blackmail, does not demand, but acts very gently and delicately;
  • understands and accepts other people, communicates politely with them, knows the laws of nature and successfully interacts with them;
  • treats a man with respect, shows his feminine qualities, skillfully realizes his destiny to be a woman;
  • knows how to create, competently organize the household, successfully copes with all women’s affairs.

To become a wise woman, you need:

  • understand and accept your destiny, because a happy woman can only be realized in this capacity;
  • equally respect your desires and the needs of your man;
  • listen to your inner voice, intuition, and use all this to create harmonious relationships in your own family.

And remember that Princess Nesmeyana was in demand only in a fairy tale in which she is the only daughter of the Tsar. But in real life, no one needs negative and selfish women, so it is unlikely that anyone will burn with the desire to entertain and please them. And this is no longer a fairy tale, but a reality. After all, in order to get something good, you need to be able to give this good to other people.