Beauty is the concern of every woman. Each of us wants to remain attractive for as long as possible. Some of the fair sex often visit a beautician, others take care of themselves with home remedies. However, there are habits that can seriously interfere with the efforts to remain beautiful.

Health: what harms it?

Smoking, alcohol

It is common knowledge that alcohol destroys health. But the problem is that the destruction does not happen immediately, but gradually. At first, everything seems to be going well: after drinking a glass of wine, a person relaxes, forgets about problems, he feels good, has fun, everything is grass! But gradually there is an addiction. A person, even noticing that he is drawn to drink every day, drives this thought away, hides from himself that he can no longer live without alcohol.

The faces of women who are prone to this addiction speak of how much alcohol destroys health and beauty. The elasticity of the skin is broken, it becomes dull, pale, wrinkles appear on it early. Hair also becomes dull, split, they are quickly covered with sebaceous secretions. Teeth darken and decay. Women who are prone to alcoholism age much earlier than others.

Smoking also has a negative effect on beauty and health. In this case, the respiratory system works with disorders, the bronchi and lungs become clogged with nicotine decay products. The voice becomes hoarse, the skin and teeth turn yellow, wrinkles appear on the face early.

Too much sugar and sweets

Excess sugar and sweets also negatively affects beauty and health. Firstly, excessive consumption of sweets leads to excess weight, which spoils the figure and impedes the activity of the heart. Secondly, a constant excess of sweets in the diet can lead to diabetes. And this is already a serious health disorder, in which blood circulation, kidneys, joints, etc. suffer. Yes, and this negatively affects the appearance: swelling and puffiness occur.

Glucose is needed by the body, but in moderation. It is best to get it not from sugar, sweets, cakes, pastries, but from fruits, dried fruits, honey.


Lack of movement is very harmful to health and beauty. Firstly, physical inactivity leads to weight gain, and what it threatens health with, it was said above. In addition, hypodynamia causes stagnation of blood in the organs. Insufficient blood movement weakens the muscles, heart, circulatory system. Metabolism slows down, organs and systems receive less oxygen and fresh food. As a result, vitamins and microelements do not come in the right amount to the cells of the skin, hair, nails.

Without regular nutrition, the epidermis ages faster, the production of collagen and elastin slows down, hair loses strength and shine. The skin becomes pale, lethargic. Compare what your face looks like when you get home from a run in the fresh air! This is proof of what movement means to beauty.

Beauty: habits that interfere with it

Beauty: habits that interfere with it

Frequent visits to the solarium

Doctors have been talking about the fact that sunburn is harmful and even dangerous for a long time. But this does not prevent some women from spending hours in the solarium. Apparently, they do not know that not only natural tan obtained on the beach is harmful, but also artificial.

Youth and beauty of the skin depend on two protein substances: collagen and elastin. And natural or artificial ultraviolet rays destroy the structure of these proteins. As a result, the skin becomes dry, loses its smoothness, elasticity, and ages prematurely. Recall that the skin of women living in countries with a hot and dry climate, wrinkles early.

Of course, you need a tan, but only in moderation! Vitamin D, which we get from the sun, is also important for the body. But let’s remember that even after spending 20-30 minutes in the sun, we get the right dose of this vitamin. For this, it is not at all necessary to be on it for several hours.

sleep deficit

We know that lack of sleep negatively affects appearance. It’s one thing to stay up late at a party or dance half the night at a party in a club, and it’s quite another thing when you constantly lack sleep. In this case, the face does not look the best: dark circles appear under the eyes, the skin sags, becomes pale, earthy, etc. What beauty is there …

Studies have shown that insufficient sleep has a negative effect on the skin. In this case, it loses the ability to respond flexibly to environmental influences. For example, it becomes very sensitive to sunlight, irritation, allergies, pigmentation may appear on it. Normal healthy skin easily copes with environmental influences: wind, cold, temperature changes. And the skin of a woman experiencing a constant lack of sleep ceases to adequately respond to natural stimuli.

Too big pillow

You may be surprised, but such a seemingly prosaic thing as a sleeping pillow is important for appearance. Big fluffy pillows will serve you not the best service. It is best to choose small, fairly flat samples. Well, the best option is an orthopedic pillow. By the way, you probably noticed that babies sleep without a pillow at all, and even when they grow up, they can do without it. This suggests that sleep without a pillow (or using a flat one) is normal and physiological.

Skin: what is harmful for it

Skin: what is harmful for it

Frequent washing with hot water

Do not abuse washing with too hot water. The best temperature for washing is warm. It dissolves dust, dirt, cosmetics, and at the same time does not have a negative effect on the skin.

Some cosmetologists believe that in the morning you should wash your face only with cold water or ice cubes. Cold tones the skin and, as it were, “preserves” it, because it is known that it perfectly preserves tissues and stops decomposition processes.

Wrong choice of care products

According to cosmetologists, anti-aging creams should not be used ahead of time, for example, at the age of twenty. These products contain active ingredients that young skin does not need, they are even harmful to it. Such creams can be used only after 40 years, strictly adhering to the recommendations for their use. And at a young age, the main care procedures are moisturizing and gentle peeling.

But mature women need anti-aging care products. They allow you to push back the aging process of the face. In the arsenal of a woman over forty, in addition to anti-age products, there should be creams for the eyelids and the area under the eyes, special tonics, serums, etc. These products penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and have a more active effect than usual ones.

Neglect to use sunscreen

Use sunscreen during the summer, even if you’re in the city and not on vacation lounging on the beach. On sale there are foundations for makeup containing an ultraviolet filter. In the city, it is recommended to use sunscreens with an SPF factor of at least 30. However, if you are in the office from morning to evening, you can do without it, since the sun’s rays do not penetrate there.