Therapist Lyudmila Lapa spoke about the impact of pets on the health of their owners. It is reported by RT.

Lapa noted that the presence of animals in the house can positively affect both adults and children, since the need for constant care for a pet develops responsibility in the child and improves social and domestic skills, which has a positive effect on health.

At the same time, pets play a special role in the lives of single people, the doctor emphasized.

“They just need to have pets that contribute to a balanced psycho-emotional state,” she said.

Earlier, President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev said that dog owners should not be too persistent with their pets when walking in the rain. He explained that smells that get worse due to rain can be distracting and disturbing for a dog.

At the same time, animal rights activist Elvira Kutueva said that it is best for mobilized Russians to send their pets to relatives or friends.