In autumn, with the onset of the first cold weather, we change not only clothes for warmer ones, but also perfumes. Aromas for rainy days are the opposite of summer smells: warming, more intense, sensual, they will relieve the autumn blues and envelop you with their warmth. What scents are best for fall?

What perfume is suitable for autumn

The first autumn cold is the best time for deep and rich perfume compositions. If in summer light, fresh, aquatic perfumes are preferred, then in autumn it is the turn for spicy, woody, gourmand, as well as aromas with a pronounced musky and ambery sound.

Cool weather is ideal for revealing oriental and oriental compositions that are too heavy and rich for summer. The same applies to sweet and gourmand compositions. For example, on rainy autumn days, it is especially comfortable with perfumes with notes of hot chocolate, cream, coffee, honey, and cinnamon. In such warm and sensual aromas, you want to wrap yourself up like in a soft blanket.

For autumn, woody, chypre, earthy smells are also relevant — they are associated with the smell of fallen leaves.

Gourmet scents are the best for autumn blues

Gourmet scents are the best for autumn blues

Soft and enveloping gourmand compositions sound especially cozy in rainy autumn weather. For example, it can be men’s and women’s perfumes with notes of drinks: rum, cognac, whiskey, liquor, amaretto. This also includes the smells of hot chocolate, coffee and cocoa.

So, chords of hot chocolate framed by thick cream, vanilla and coffee are distinctly heard in the warm spicy scent of Musc Maori (04) Parfumerie Generale. This gourmand fragrance is very cozy, relaxing and soothing.

Roses Vanille Women’s Perfume by Mancera belongs to the oriental gourmet family. The composition is warm and sweet thanks to the note of bourbon vanilla and musk, which are intertwined with the scent of rose.

Dark chocolate, patchouli and cocoa are a great choice for cloudy weather. These chords can be found in the oriental gourmet women’s perfume Neonatura Cocoon by Yves Rocher. The famous «cocoon» of the Yves Rocher brand is a deep, warm and somewhat bitter smell. Vanilla and patchouli in it sound against the background of notes of coconut, which gives the composition a woody sound. The brand’s perfumers recommend this fragrance for the cold autumn-winter season.

One of the warmest and coziest compositions in the line of the niche brand Montale is the famous “Jealous Chocolate”. Chocolate Greedy is a combination of milk chocolate and vanilla that sounds very delicate without being overbearing sweetness, yet warm and enveloping. The composition will certainly appeal to lovers of «gourmet» and is well suited for late autumn and winter.

Oriental men’s and women’s perfumes

Oriental men's and women's perfumes

Sensual, languid, luxurious oriental compositions with an alluring train cannot be worn in the summer heat. These strong and rich scents are ideal for late autumn and winter — it is in cold weather that all the beauty of their sound is revealed.

For example, this is the rich and deep floral-chocolate fragrance Angel by Thierry Mugler. Dark chocolate and vanilla are intertwined with honey, coconut and patchouli in this women’s fragrance. «Angel» is one of the most famous warm, rich and sweet compositions in the oriental family.

Luxurious and viscous Black Orchid by Tom Ford based on a black orchid accord is warm and very sillage, enveloping and enveloping. Ideal for late autumn and winter.

Perfume Hatkora Wood by Ajmal is an oriental-woody composition. Not just warm, but a warming scent thanks to honey peach, spicy saffron, bitter ginger and a base with thick forest notes of sandalwood, musk, amber and agarwood.

Guerlain Voile d`Ete is an oriental floral warm-spicy fragrance perfect for cold weather. The composition contains chords of soft unsweetened vanilla, bright carnation, ylang-ylang, lily, iris, jasmine. The sillage is very durable and enveloping.

Oriental floral Van Cleef Van Cleef & Arpels is suitable for autumn because it reminds of the smell of autumn leaves. Slightly bitter honey-smoky with notes of marigold and bergamot, orange blossom, jasmine and rose. The base notes are vanilla, sandalwood, white cedar. The composition is noble, deep, because of the vintage sound, it is more suitable for women of elegant age.

Warm autumn scents

In rainy autumn and winter, you want to warm yourself not only with clothes, but also with perfumes. Look for perfumes with notes of clove, cinnamon, rose, resin, tonka bean, various spices, honey. For example, chypre fruity Badgley Mischka Badgley Mischka warms with notes of peach and cinnamon, as well as musk, caramel and amber in the heart.

Perfume for women Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka is a sweet and soft spicy fragrance for late autumn, gloomy and inclement weather. Opens with violet and anise, heart notes of licorice, irises and cherries.

Elixir des Merveilles Hermès, an oriental fougère perfume, with accords of vanilla sugar, amber, sandalwood, caramel and orange peel, is well suited for winter. This fragrance is often referred to as «Christmas» because of its coniferous and citrus notes. The smell is very cozy, warm, creates a festive winter mood.

Perfume from the family of oriental floral woody Safari Ralph Lauren is an example of not just warm, but hot fragrance. The combination of orange, black currant, jasmine and rose, as well as amber, patchouli, sandalwood and cedar, warms, reminiscent of a hot summer. Many people compare these perfumes with a hot wind, so they will certainly be suitable for cold weather.

Oriental spicy-spicy perfume Obsession Calvin Klein with mandarin and peach in the top notes, spices and coriander and orange blossom in the heart warms just as well.

A warming combination of cinnamon and cloves can be found in Opium Yves Saint Laurent — a warm spicy sweet composition with bergamot, lily of the valley, cloves, jasmine, amber and vanilla. The smell is relaxing, deep, resinous and smoky.