Evgenia Kulakova, a cardiologist, arrhythmologist, candidate of medical sciences, said that vapes can cause an increased risk of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is reported by «Moscow 24».

According to the doctor, the main danger of such devices is that many consider them less harmful than regular cigarettes, trying to quit smoking with their help. However, according to recent studies, vaping often leads to wheezing when breathing, coughing and increased sensitivity to SARS.

In addition, vapes have a negative impact on the condition of blood vessels, blood pressure and pulse rate.

Kulakova noted that the effect of vaping on the body has not been fully studied to date, but there is a number of evidence in the direction of its harmful effects on the body. At the same time, because of the apparent safety, people begin to smoke more often, which leads to toxic effects on the body.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of Russia supported the idea of ​​labeling vapes warning of their harm. The ministry noted that they are ready to develop the relevant sketches.