Everyone who has ever heard of yoga knows about its beneficial effects on the body. Often, knowledge is limited to just two facts: yoga reduces stress and develops flexibility. But complex regular practice can give much more!

Why all the fair sex should definitely do yoga? 12 good reasons — reveals MedAboutMe.

Yoga strengthens the immune system

Yoga strengthens the immune system

Numerous studies show that there is a direct strong connection between the practice of yoga and human health. Every time a woman works on herself on a yoga mat, her immunity increases, the general condition of the body improves. Scientists from Norway say that all changes occur at the cellular level.

In yoga classes, you have to breathe deeper and more intensely, which improves blood flow, the internal organs work more productively.

Relieves migraines

Migraine is considered a «disease of women», although it does not bypass men. But in the stronger sex, it is much less common. Relaxing yoga exercises are a proven way to relieve migraine attacks, as well as shorten their duration. The effectiveness of asanas can be traced already in the first lessons, but they work best for the future. Already after 3 months of regular practice, the intensity of migraine pains decreases, and the number of attacks decreases.

Gives a lasting rejuvenating effect

Gives a lasting rejuvenating effect

Even in ancient texts it was said that yoga classes give a pronounced rejuvenating effect and are able to “turn back the clock”. Yoga trainers advise to pay attention to the inverted asana — Viparita Karani Mudrawhich in translation means «mental posture.»

For a persistent age-related effect, it is recommended to repeat the asana every day, gradually increasing the duration of the exercise. By the third month of classes, it should be 30 minutes.

The result of 6 months of training will be getting rid of wrinkles and gray hair — yoga followers promise.

Helps with depression

When a woman feels that she cannot cope with her emotions, she is haunted by panic thoughts, fears and complexes, yoga can give her healing.

Research Duke University have shown that regular practice gives noticeable results in the treatment of psychological problems, and is also effective in combating stress and depressive disorders. People who exercise regularly feel better and beat depression more quickly.

Improves intimate life

Improves sex life

A healthy intimate life is not only pleasant, but also beneficial for health. A study by the American magazine «Sexual Medicine» showed that asanas and pranayamas have a beneficial effect on female libido. Moreover, the best results can be seen in women under 45! Their desire for intimacy increases, and orgasms become brighter, the participants in the experiment admit.

True, to achieve such impressive results, they did yoga for 12 weeks.

Separate complexes, in addition to improving the quality of intimate life, strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, prevent prolapse of the uterus and other organs located in the pelvic area. An example is the complex Mula Bandha.

Effective for insomnia

Most often, insomnia occurs against a background of increased anxiety. The spiritual practice of yoga knows how to work with it. Researchers at Harvard found that 8 weeks of daily exercise significantly improved the quality and length of nightly sleep.

There are other studies proving the benefits of yoga. So, scientists from the University of Rochester found that practicing yoga twice a week helped cancer survivors feel less tired and sleep better.

Relieves menstrual pain

Relieves menstrual pain

Yoga can be started at any age, if a woman has no health contraindications. Each step in yoga should take place under the supervision of an experienced mentor, then the results of the classes will please.

Women’s yoga necessarily includes asanas and exercises that relieve menstrual pain, and at a more mature age — help to push back the onset of menopause and alleviate the unpleasant symptoms associated with it. And if a woman is overweight and has an increased risk of arthrosis, regular exercise will minimize all risks and will contribute to weight loss.

Helps to get pregnant

Yoga is useful for women who are planning a pregnancy. Productive activities relieve stress, increase libido, improve blood circulation in the reproductive organs, have a positive effect on hormonal levels, and even increase the duration of ovulation. Studies have shown that women who practice yoga are twice as likely to get pregnant!

Reduces blood sugar levels in pregnant women

Reduces blood sugar levels in pregnant women

Research carried out by the Yoga Therapy Center in London, under the direction of The doctors Robin Monroe showed that yoga for 30 minutes a day for a month helps to lower blood glucose levels in pregnant women with diabetes.

Classes consisted of special exercises for twisting the spine, relaxation, meditation and stretching exercises.

Restores the figure after childbirth

Yoga helps a woman to go through all stages of pregnancy with minimal discomfort. By strengthening the muscles of the spine, it relieves back pain. Breathing exercises are effective in preventing uterine hypertonicity. And the ability to breathe properly helps in childbirth, as does the high endurance achieved through daily exercises.

There is a whole area of ​​yoga that is recommended after the birth of a baby — this is postnatal yoga. It is necessary to perform specially designed complexes starting from the 6th week after childbirth. Exercise strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles, helping to recover faster and achieve a prenatal figure.

Promotes weight loss and gaining a beautiful figure

Promotes weight loss and gaining a beautiful figure

In women’s yoga, there are special dynamic complexes for weight loss and body shaping. As a rule, they are practiced under the supervision of an experienced instructor. One lesson lasts at least an hour, it is planned at intervals of three times a week.

The complex includes active pranayama for burning fat, exercises for normalizing the hormonal background of a woman and relaxation. An integrated approach contributes to effective weight loss and helps to «sculpt» a beautiful female body — toned, slender.

Helps to switch to a healthy diet

Yoga classes affect almost all spheres of human life, they are also effective for forming a healthy relationship to food. Scientists at the University of Washington proved that regular practice increases the ability to self-control, including in relation to nutrition.

Yoga forms a conscious attitude to food, thanks to which the body receives all the nutrients in a timely manner and does not gain excess weight.

Expert comment

Elena Kalen, nutritionist, expert in the psychology of weight loss

Yoga is not only a set of physical exercises, but also a set of spiritual practices. While doing yoga, we freeze for a while in one position, this allows us to focus on ourselves, our sensations in the body, on our feelings. We pay attention to the processes that are happening now in the body, allowing ourselves to live in the moment “here and now”. The past and the future fade into the background. There is only Me, my body and this moment in time.

In combination with breathing and meditation, we relax our body, throwing a string of obsessive thoughts aside, and relieve stress. The body, emotions and thoughts are brought into balance. Energy begins to flow in us, blocks go away.

Meditation allows us to touch our unconscious, which contains a lot of resources. It knows exactly what to do in some situation, how to solve the problem, which path to choose. Changing the pattern of breathing also changes the internal state, as if changing the internal picture of the perception of the situation.

All these practices help a woman to discover the feminine energy in herself. Which entails so many pleasant consequences, like attention from men, gifts and compliments, harmony with children, husband and the outside world. And, of course, a woman, listening to her body and discarding nervousness, begins to take care of herself more, to love herself. She begins to shine and give love to the world. And the world reciprocates her. And then, when there is an internal balance, then women’s diseases, excess weight go away. In addition, physical tension helps to strengthen muscle tone, stretching makes the body flexible.

Shortness of breath, asthma, heartbeat returns to normal. Tension in the back and joints goes away, posture improves. Intestinal peristalsis improves, you can say goodbye to constipation and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. This is not only due to physical exercise, but also due to the release of anger. The general tone of the body increases, immunity is strengthened.

And, as it is believed, the main makeup for a woman is health and happiness. Yoga is your guide to the world of beauty, harmony and inner harmony.