One against all. How to treat inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity?


In general, any pathology occurs when local immunity decreases. Then pathogenic microorganisms begin to multiply and dominate in the natural microflora, the balance is disturbed, which leads to the formation of problem areas.

Sources of problems

What can provoke inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity? There are many factors, among which a person’s lifestyle plays an important role. We list the most basic:

Improper oral hygiene, especially poor-quality toothbrushing

Untreated dental or infectious diseases of other organs

Disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, liver

Smoking and alcohol abuse

Hormonal imbalance, such as during pregnancy

Mechanical damage and tissue burns


Deficiency or excess intake of certain vitamins

Colds, for example due to hypothermia


including restrictive diets

Taking antibiotics and other medications without a doctor’s prescription