Women are wired differently than men and behave differently. They have a different purpose, their body is designed by nature in such a way that this purpose is best suited. But some features of the female body can bring trouble to herself and others. MedAboutMe congratulates all the fair sex on the holiday and reveals the most interesting secrets of women.

Behavior and hormones

The mood and behavior of a woman largely depend on her hormonal levels. Men are not familiar with the storms that rage in the emotional sphere of women on premenstrual days, so they simply do not understand that this is not a bad character. These are hormones.

It is they who make you cry and get annoyed, break down over trifles and fall into depression. And then desperately in need of affection and asking for hands to be stroked on the back and sang a lullaby. It’s all temporary. A few days — and before you will again be just a woman, sweet, calm and self-confident.

Hormones cause a surge of sexual desire in the middle of the cycle and its decrease towards the end. The working capacity of a woman, her susceptibility to criticism and determination depend on hormones.

It is easier for men: their hormonal background is not stormy. Therefore, they are more stable.

The brain of a woman

The brain of a woman

You can joke all you want about the fact that men have a larger brain, and there are also more cells in it. Practice shows that not only the size and quantity matters. In the brain of a woman, different departments interact better. Therefore, lovely ladies are really capable of doing several things at the same time, which many men do not want to believe in.

But there are some features that can really interfere with a woman or the people around her in life.

Spatial orientation

Women are really not very good at navigating the terrain, and even worse on the map. To use the card, many girls need to turn it in a certain way. A company in the UK took advantage of this to boost their sales by printing a road map upside down and upside down. In a short time, the women sold out the entire circulation of 15,000 copies.

Female drivers park significantly worse, also due to spatial orientation difficulties. Less than 20% of women are able to park close to the curb the first time, while for 80% of men it does not cause any difficulties.

There are difficulties with reading three-dimensional drawings: women see them as flat, unlike men. The latter sometimes condescendingly chuckle at this female feature. And completely in vain: women have other advantages.

For example, lovely ladies have excellent peripheral vision, unlike gentlemen, who tend to have tunnel vision. Therefore, female motorists rarely get hit in the side, and in general they drive more carefully and carefully. They notice more little things, while the courageous representative of the strong half of humanity is guided by the motto “I see the goal, believe in myself, go ahead!” And what remained unnoticed on the sides of the trajectory is not important.

For the same reason, a man will not find the right shirt on the shelf, folded in a neat pile with the same others. And the woman gets into her own garage on the third attempt, but with her eyes closed she will find a box with buttons in the pantry. This is fine.

Communication style: talkativeness, emotionality, «female logic»

Communication style: talkativeness, emotionality,

These are also not so much character traits as biologically determined qualities.

In the brain of a man there is one center responsible for speech. Women have two. They can use fewer words than men, but much more intonations. And three times more non-verbal signals. Women think out loud, which many men cannot understand. It seems to them that all this chatter is empty, just noise produced by the wind in the head. In fact, by pronouncing the situation, a woman gets rid of stress, reflects and finds a solution. This decision may not be logical from the point of view of a man, but it is not at all a fact that it will not turn out to be the best. Because it can be based on a woman’s ability to notice little things and intuitively find hidden connections in events and phenomena.

When a verbal skirmish flares up between partners of different sexes, the left hemisphere, responsible for logic and analysis, will work in the male brain. The right, emotional, may not be involved at all. Therefore, it is difficult for a man to understand the reaction of a woman to her words — anger, resentment, tears. But the woman participates in the conversation with both hemispheres, and perceives the partner’s words not so much logically as emotionally. Not exactly what he said, but how. Therefore, if a man wants a woman to hear him, you must first calm and comfort her.

Well, what to do. Be patient, men. Women, on the other hand, tolerate your beer, football, emotional narrowness and inability to distinguish between 50 shades of pink.

But we are beautiful.

About the price of beauty

Women appreciate their beauty very much. Because men appreciate her. And so women make unthinkable sacrifices for the sake of beauty. By the way, women also have increased body hair, and who knows about it, except for themselves and the employees of the beauty salon?

And not everyone’s nails have an ideal shape, and eyebrows too. And in general, ideals live only on the pages of glossy magazines and in fantasies. But this does not prevent women from striving for the ideal. Therefore, they increase their nails, redo their eyebrows, regularly remove unwanted vegetation, save money for a plastic surgeon and unsuccessfully struggle with terrible cellulite.

Cellulite: terrible and indestructible

Cellulite: terrible and indestructible

In fact, cellulite, which all girls from school are afraid of, is a completely normal phenomenon. Yes, and the notorious “orange peel” should be called differently, because real cellulite is an inflammation of fatty tissue that develops as a result of injuries of various kinds. And what marketers dubbed cellulite is called lipodystrophy. This phenomenon is directly related to female hormones, that is, to femininity and the ability to bear children. And also with heredity, which determines the structure of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. If there is a genetic predisposition, then irregularities will form on the skinny priest.

Since most men are not very attentive, they may not pay attention to cellulite at all if the woman’s figure is taut, she herself is well-groomed and active in terms of relations with the opposite sex.

Therefore, you should not turn the fight against cellulite into the main goal of your life. A healthy lifestyle, regular massage and a balanced diet will keep the body in excellent condition. And in the next life it will be possible to try to be born a man and take a break from female problems with cellulite and other troubles.

Women’s diseases

In addition to purely female diseases associated with the reproductive system, there are diseases that women, for various reasons, get sick more often.


According to statistics, women suffer from migraines three times more often than men. This neurological disease has several forms, and only one of them is more common in men. In the remaining three forms, women hold a painful leadership. In girls, migraine often begins to manifest itself with the onset of puberty.



Women are more prone to depression. This is due to the greater emotionality of women, and fluctuations in their hormonal levels. But, despite depression, there are 4 times fewer women among suicides than men. So it’s not all that bad.

chronic fatigue syndrome

For every man with chronic fatigue syndrome, 4 women suffer from this disease. The reasons for this state of affairs are unknown.

irritable bowel syndrome

Abdominal pain, unstable stools, bloating and flatulence torment women more often. Doctors believe that this is also due to hormones and hormonal changes.



Men also suffer from varicose veins, but three times less often. The reason lies in the fact that in women the development of varicose veins is promoted by factors that men are not susceptible to. These are female hormones, pregnancy and childbirth, and also the love of high heels.

It turns out that most women’s problems are due to those factors that make a woman a woman. Such is the injustice…

Expert comment

Melissa Conrad Stoppler, pathologist, medical author, Virginia, USA

My practice shows that women are more prone to certain diseases, and I’m not talking about gynecological problems.

Among patients with gallstones, there are 3-4 times more women than men. Autoimmune diseases are also more common in them — multiple sclerosis, lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome. In the United States, ¾ of patients with autoimmune diseases are females.

Due to anatomical features, women are more likely to suffer from cystitis and urinary tract diseases.

Does this mean that women are weaker and less viable? In no case. Rather, on the contrary: women are more resilient, endure pain and difficulties better, adapt more easily to new conditions. In general, they live longer.

If women spent as much time and energy on their health as they do on beauty and cosmetics, they could avoid most health problems.