Salo, mayonnaise, sausages, coffee and eggs can only be harmful in large quantities, like any other food. This was told to Moscow 24 by nutritionist Olga Panova.

The expert said that a spoonful of mayonnaise and one or two eggs a day are not harmful. Lard is also a useful product, as it is able to lower cholesterol levels due to the arachidonic acid it contains. But eating it costs no more than 30 g per day. And it is better to eat no more than 50 g of sausages per day.

According to the expert, you can also drink coffee every day, but it is better to limit yourself to one cup a day.

Earlier, nutritionist Nata Gonchar said that a vegan diet makes it possible to quickly lose weight, subject to a balanced diet. This means that vegetables, vegetable fats, legumes, herbs and mushrooms should be present in the diet.