The harsh Russian winter is not only beautiful, but also frosty. How to survive temperature changes, cold winds and hard frosts for the owner of delicate and silky skin of the face and body?

MedAboutMe has put together a collection of the best cold pore creams for you — check it out!

Hypoallergenic hand cream, LV

Hypoallergenic hand cream, LVThe hand cream from the Finnish brand LV has wonderful properties and is suitable for use by women with very dry and sensitive skin on their hands. The tool is developed in alliance with allergists, does not contain fragrances and dyes. It contains the substance allantoin, which quickly soothes irritated skin, providing an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. This is a good everyday treatment if you want to keep your hands moisturized and protected from the weather.

On a note!

According to marketing experts, up to 11 thousand new types of cream appear on the beauty market every year. It is not surprising that it is so difficult for a woman to find «her own» — the best and most effective!

Moisturizing and renewing face cream with glycolic acid AcGlicolic20, Sesderma

Moisturizing and renewing face cream with glycolic acid AcGlicolic20, SesdermaThe cream from the line of anti-aging products of the Sesderma brand is just a godsend for dry skin. The main active ingredient here is liposomal glycolic acid of natural origin, which has high moisturizing, regenerating and renewing properties. It provides previously unattainable levels of penetration of the active substances of the cream into the skin cells, thereby reducing the visible signs of aging.

And plant stem cells, which are also present in the cream formula, surround the skin with care, accelerating its regeneration processes and providing a powerful antioxidant effect.

Hypoallergenic intensely moisturizing body cream, LV

Hypoallergenic intensely moisturizing body cream, LVIn the cold season, we are used to protecting the body from frost by wrapping it in fashionable fur coats, parkas and coats. But upon arrival home, care for the skin of the body must be assigned to special means. One of them is an intensive body cream from the LV brand, the composition of which is approved by the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Union.

Thanks to its emulsion texture, the product is easy to apply, absorbs, soothes and repairs dry and damaged skin. A convenient packaging means — allows you to use the cream to the last drop.

It is interesting!

The basis of any cosmetic cream that exists in nature is an emulsion. It is a mixture of water and oil in a certain proportion.

Cream-paraffin «French lavender» with lavender oil, «Arabia»

Cream-paraffin Paraffin cream from the Arabia brand was created for professional cold paraffin therapy procedures. He is able to give bright moments of rest and relaxation — what a woman needs on long winter evenings.

The cream heated in the palms is applied to the skin of the hands with a thin layer, after which special cosmetic gloves are put on. While the fair sex is resting, the product works — the cream intensively nourishes the skin, soothes irritated areas and ensures their complete recovery. Additionally, the cream strengthens the nails and softens the cuticle, which means that the woman’s hands will always be perfect.

Cream «Nourishing care» with collagen, «Arabia»

Cream Cream with collagen from «Arabia» completes the procedure of paraffin therapy. They contain such important components as chamomile, shea butter, allantoin and collagen. Acting in combination, they intensively nourish the skin that has rested during the care procedure, penetrating into the deep layers of the epidermis.

As a result, the woman’s hands look just magical! The skin becomes smooth, soft and silky.


The ingredients of any cosmetic product are listed on the label in descending order — at the beginning of the ingredient in the highest concentration, and at the end — with the lowest.

Herbal Aloe Body Cream by Herbalife

Herbal Aloe Body Cream by HerbalifeAs part of this cream from Herbalife — what not! Here, natural Aloe Vera juice, shea butter, jojoba and olive. Plant extracts — chamomile, sage, yucca, wormwood, milk thistle, sunflower. Of course, such a rich composition is perceived by the skin with gratitude: its structure improves, the level of moisture increases. The skin visually looks smoother, softer and more delicate.

The cream is suitable not only for daily care, but can also be used as an SOS after-sun product. The body wash has a pleasant, non-greasy texture and a light, fresh scent.

Herbalife SKIN Protective Cream SPF30

Herbalife SKIN Protective Cream SPF30Herbalife face cream contains the «cult» anti-aging components of our time — vitamins C and E, Aloe Vera juice and vitamin B. But what is not in the cream is parabens, substances with an ambiguous reputation in the beauty world.

The cream protects the skin of the face from all types of solar radiation and gives a long-lasting feeling of moisture (up to 8 hours). Regular use of the cream will help reduce mimic and age wrinkles.

Beauty fact!

The main factor in premature skin aging, according to scientists and doctors, is solar radiation. Therefore, it is so important to choose cosmetics with reliable solar filters.

NIVEA Nourishing & Protecting Hand Cream

NIVEA Nourishing & Protecting Hand CreamIn the cold season, it is the hands that suffer first, even if you wear gloves. They have a big load — gestures, touches, handshakes, doing routine homework. Aggressive external influence can harm sensitive skin, make it defenseless and vulnerable. To avoid dryness and irritation and help the skin stay young and beautiful for longer, you need to use an effective cream every day. This can be the product of the NIVEA brand.

Hand cream «Nutrition and Protection» based on beeswax softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands, strengthens the protective barrier of the cover and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Together with him, your hands will be well-groomed, and your nails and cuticles will be neat.

Be beautiful!