Researchers at Hubei University in Wuhan concluded that drinking tea can improve male reproductive health.

The study suggests that men who prefer tea may be more likely to conceive. Scientists recruited 1385 people, each of whom provided 4 samples of seminal fluid during the year. All participants were healthy and tested as potential sperm donors.

The results showed that 28% drank tea, while 72% did not. The study did not specify what kind of tea and with what additives the men preferred. But it was held in China, where green, oolong and black tea are common — and usually they are simply brewed with water.

The researchers found that those who drank tea more than 3 days a week had a 5% higher sperm count and 0.4% higher concentration than the rest of the men in the study. However, less tea did not provide the same benefits.

Well, those who reported that they liked to drink tea for 10 years or more had the highest concentrations of sperm: 15.3% higher than those who drank other drinks.

However, no association was found between tea drinking and sperm motility and structure, two other factors that can affect male fertility. The benefits of tea may be due to polyphenols, compounds in the drink that are rich in antioxidants and have been found to increase sperm survival.

Published on 27.09.2022 10:43

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