Causes of cystitis

Cystitis in women can be caused by an infection that enters the bladder area from the urethra or kidneys. One of the common causes of the disease is too active sex life.

Inflammatory processes can be triggered by a malfunction of the immune system, malnutrition and stress. Changes in hormonal levels during menopause often lead to problems with urination. Sometimes toxins, bladder stones, and even allergies can cause the disease.

Symptoms of cystitis in women

Symptoms of the disease are very pronounced and develop quickly enough. The disease begins with a general malaise, fever, frequent urge to urinate, sometimes even urinary incontinence appears.

The course of the disease is accompanied by aching, dull pain in the pelvis, in the pubic area, painful sensations during urination. Urine is cloudy, with mucus, flakes, sometimes with blood.

Over time, the symptoms of cystitis disappear for a while, and then reappear. If left untreated, the disease will progress to a chronic form. At this stage, the signs of the disease become softer and less noticeable. A neglected disease is fraught with serious consequences in the female body.

Treatment of the disease

Therapy of cystitis should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. With self-treatment and selection of medicines, the process can drag on for a long time and lead to a chronic stage.

Therefore, the appearance of the first signs of the disease should be accompanied by an appeal to a specialist. Only a doctor will help with establishing an accurate diagnosis and prescribing the right treatment.

Treatment of cystitis usually involves the use of antibiotics and uroseptics. In parallel with drug therapy, treatment with medicinal plants is very effective. Thanks to the collection of herbs, it is possible to alleviate the patient’s condition, achieve restoration and normalization of impaired functions of the urinary tract.

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