For many women, the fact that a number of wardrobe items can be harmful to their health becomes a real discovery. Scientists have done a lot of research on this topic. Here are 8 items of women’s clothing and shoes that can lead to various health problems.

1. Thong

There are intense discussions about this now popular item of women’s wardrobe, but it can be said for sure that there is more harm from wearing thongs than good. The described type of underpants can cause inflammation of the bladder, since a too narrow strip of tissue cuts strongly into the mucous membrane, thereby injuring it. This can lead to hemorrhoids. Injury to the mucous membrane also contributes to the unhindered penetration of the infection. This, in turn, can lead to diseases of the genitourinary system. Even with the constant wearing of thongs, the risk of injuring the genitals increases. These panties are most often made from synthetic materials. Wearing synthetic thongs promotes the growth of bacteria and their rapid spread of bacteria. However, this applies not only to thongs. Cheap synthetic materials from which various clothes are sewn sometimes contain harmful substances that can cause allergic reactions and even lead to cancer. Also, some compounds can cause a slowdown in hormone production.

2. Thin tights made of elastic material, worn in cold weather

Many women, when wearing thin tights in the frosty season, then become allergic to cold. In other words, it is cold intolerance as a result of vasoconstriction. Even from wearing these tights at sub-zero temperatures, cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system can develop. It should also be remembered that the synthetic material from which tights are made can be the cause of genitourinary diseases. This is due to the fact that synthetics retain moisture, and it serves as an excellent «hotbed» for various bacteria. If you plan to take a long walk in the cold, then it is better to wear a more insulated option.

3. Mini skirt

This most popular clothing for girls can contribute to the formation of cellulite when worn constantly. This is primarily about wearing mini skirts in winter. At low temperatures in the thigh area, blood circulation is disturbed, which contributes to the buildup of fat, which then turns into the ill-fated cellulite. But various health problems may occur even when wearing mini skirts summer. It is important here that this type of clothing is in size and does not interfere with the flow of blood to the legs.

4. Corsets

Currently, this piece of clothing is listed as erotic lingerie, but many women wear corsets under blouses, using them as everyday underwear. The constant strong tightening of the corset can lead to a whole range of troubles for women’s health. For example, to such as damage to the muscles of the back, circulatory disorders, inflammation of the lymph nodes.

5. High heels

High-heeled shoes are one of the most dangerous shoes for women’s health. These shoes cause ligament damage, blood stasis, flat feet, muscle strain, vascular and vein disease (spider veins appear, as well as varicose veins). Even when wearing high heels, the back suffers, as the load on the spine increases significantly. Of course, it is difficult to completely abandon hairpins, because no one has canceled sacrifices for the sake of beauty. But it is important to choose high-quality shoes, as well as give your feet a rest, changing high-heeled shoes for more comfortable shoes — sneakers, slippers.

6. Jeans and skinny pants

These clothes can cause serious leg diseases. Very tight jeans can interfere with blood circulation in the legs, as well as contribute to the development of vascular and muscle diseases. Tight pants can lead to varicose veins, changes in the joints and muscles. If you wear tight jeans in combination with high-heeled shoes, this can cause a shift in the axis of the pelvis.

7. Bras «Push up»

This attribute of women’s wardrobe has long been the norm, but it is harmful to the female breast. The risk of getting breast cancer when wearing such a bra grows 20 times. If wearing «Push up» more than 8 hours a day, then there may be stagnation of blood in the chest, leading to inflammation of the mammary glands.

8. Rubber-soled sneakers, ballet flats, flip flops

All of the above shoes cause harm comparable to stilettos. The fact is that it does not have a rise, which leads to flat feet, an increase in the load on the spine. All this threatens with serious diseases. musculoskeletal apparatus. Rubber shoes do not benefit the feet at all. And flip flops, for example, do not make it possible to maintain the arches of the feet and force the fingers to constantly strain.

After reading this list, you need to understand that harmful clothes can always be replaced with more practical and useful ones. And the most dangerous clothes for women in winter are out-of-season clothes. After all, even in 20 degree frost in Moscow, you can see girls in short skirts and tights with a density of no more than 40 den!