Smoking causes any organism, especially expectant mothers, great harm — this has long been proven. But still, many pregnant women, justifying their desire to smoke, try to find at least some confirmation that there is a safe way to smoke or a safe dose of tobacco.


  • There are no safe ways and doses for smoking. Even a few puffs can harm the health of mom and baby.
  • Smoking should be stopped before pregnancy. If you do not have time, throw it immediately as soon as you see the stripes.
  • Quitting smoking during pregnancy is not dangerous at all. The stress that the body will receive will be much less than smoking itself.

When the expectant mother puffs on a cigarette, the environment of the fetus, instead of the normal transparent, becomes smoke. The child begins to choke and cough. There is a vasospasm and oxygen starvation.

There are over 4,000 chemicals in the smoke caused by cigarettes, including cyanide. And 60 components can cause cancer. The two elements out of 4000 that are most dangerous for a child are nicotine and carbon monoxide.

Toxic mixtures during smoking enter the circulatory system — it is a source of oxygen and nutrition for the baby. It turns out that the expectant mother deliberately poisons her child.

The development of the baby is most affected by the lack of oxygen if the mother continues to smoke. Very often, children are born prematurely, weighing 2500 g.

1. Formation of height and weight

When a pregnant woman smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, the baby’s weight is reduced by about 250 grams. With each cigarette smoked, the weight of the baby decreases.

2. Formation of the lungs

In premature babies, individual organs are often underdeveloped — in most cases, the lungs do not have time to form — they are launched using an artificial respiration apparatus. Children who smoke often develop asthma.

3. Shaping the heart

Smoking a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy carries the risk of having a baby with some heart pathology. Studies have shown that 70% of these children have an increased risk of congenital heart disease.

4. Brain function

Children whose mothers smoked while pregnant tend to have learning and behavioral problems. They differ from their peers in having a low IQ.

Smoking pregnant women may experience complications in the process of bearing a child, and for a newborn, the likelihood of various defects increases.

The most common violations are:

  • The risk of ectopic pregnancy increases.
  • The likelihood of having a non-viable child increases.
  • The process of blood supply is disturbed, which can lead to rejection of the placenta with subsequent miscarriage or the onset of premature birth.
  • Underweight baby at birth.
  • The birth of a baby with respiratory diseases.
  • The risk of having a child with a heart defect increases.
  • A smoking expectant mother gives birth to a nicotine-dependent child.
  • After birth, the baby has problems with the activity of the nervous system.

If you want to give birth to a healthy child, you need to quit smoking a year before conception. But it may happen that pregnancy is discovered suddenly when a girl smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. Then it is recommended to give up smoking very carefully. The very fact of pregnancy for the body is a great stress and you can not abruptly deprive him of nicotine, to which he is addicted.

Doctors advise quitting smoking for three weeks. At this time, the number of cigarettes smoked should be gradually reduced, the cigarette should not be smoked to the end. But if you can understand how bad nicotine is for your child, stop smoking as soon as possible.

According to experts, passive smoking causes no less harm than active smoking. An active smoker, inhaling a cigarette, inhales 20% of the harmful substances found in tobacco into the lungs. It releases all other components into the air.

If he smokes next to a pregnant woman, then within an hour she receives a full “dose” of a cigarette. As a result of research, it was found that women who were exposed to passive smoking had problems with conception or bearing. Their natural metabolic processes were disrupted, and the fetus received less oxygen. After birth, the child was underweight and hypoxic.

The consequences of passive smoking are:

  • poor immunity;
  • food allergy;
  • weak lungs, which can lead to pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis;
  • frequent illnesses in the first years of life.

As you can see, the irresponsible behavior of others can lead to sad results. When you are expecting a baby, do not smoke yourself and do not allow anyone to smoke in your presence.

Only eight hours after smoking a cigarette, the blood will be cleansed of harmful substances and filled with oxygen. In two days, the taste and olfactory analyzers will be restored, and in a week the complexion will improve.

Galina Velichko

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