Since ancient times, the Sun was considered masculine, and the Moon patronized women. The lunar month corresponds in duration to the female menstrual cycle and is 28–29 days. A woman carries a child for 10 lunar months.

It is noticed that in a healthy woman, the peak of her intimate desire and the maximum probability of conception falls on the days of the full moon. And menstruation occurs in the fourth phase, on the waning phase before the new moon. During the full moon, women become more energetic and more adventurous. The peak of adultery falls on the full moon.

The lunar month is divided into 4 phases, each of which has a special effect on a woman. You can believe in this connection, you can not believe — but the influence will not go anywhere.

I phase

The first lunar month lasts a week, from the new moon to the first quarter. On the new moon, the moon does not appear in the sky, the nights are dark. In the first phase, medical procedures can be performed that require regeneration and rapid healing. If you cut your hair right after the new moon, your hair will grow back quickly. Therefore, you should not engage in hair removal procedures: the effect will be worse than expected.

But on the days of the new moon it is better not to prescribe either haircuts or cosmetic procedures. It is better to spend these days in peace: the vitality of a woman on the new moon is at a minimum.

II phase

By the beginning of the second phase, the moon looks like a semicircle, and the phase ends with a full moon. The female body responds to the increasing influence of the night luminary brightly and violently:

  • libido is at its maximum, a woman experiences the brightest orgasms on the days of the full moon;
  • the physical energy is just seething;
  • the ability to conceive maximizes, so you need to carefully protect yourself;
  • a woman is adventurous, she is drawn to adventure.

The full moon makes women capricious, anxious, experiencing intuitive insights. Efficiency at the maximum, more than enough energy.

Medicines are most effective, but side effects are more pronounced.

It’s time to cut the ends of your hair to stimulate their growth. This is not the time for tooth extraction, but you can treat them: everything will go easily and heal quickly. It is useful to visit the gym, but diets during this period will be ineffective. It should be noted that on the growing moon, all glands work more actively: both sebaceous and sweat. A matting cream and a stronger deodorant will come in handy.

III phase

After the full moon, the lunar disk begins to decrease. The vitality of the female body decreases. If fertilization has not occurred, it is time to prepare for menstruation. There is little energy, the mood deteriorates.

It is good to devote this period to self-care. Diets will be effective, weight will go away faster. It is useful to carry out massage procedures aimed at combating cellulite, all kinds of body wraps, lymphatic drainage. It is recommended to remove teeth, moles, warts, to do hair removal. The phase of the waning moon is the time to get rid of everything unnecessary. Including, by the way, obsolete relationships.

You can starve, carry out bowel cleansing procedures. A haircut made in the third phase will retain its shape for a long time. If you are vaccinated during this period, the body will cope with the impact more easily, but the effects of vaccination may appear a little later.

The likelihood of conception decreases, as does interest in sex. It is during this period that women most often have a “headache” when a partner invites them to frolic in bed.

IV phase

The crescent moon in this phase looks like a thin letter C, and every day it becomes thinner. Many women feel depressed, exhausted, need care and affection more than usual. Efficiency falls, as does creativity, as well as the ability and desire to make decisions.

The fourth phase, preceding the new moon, completes the lunar month. If possible, it is better for a woman these days to sleep a lot, limit herself to simple and wholesome food. Useful baths and swimming, light massage, SPA treatments. Diets will be most effective, but it is better to refrain from going to the gym: physical activity can be harmful. It is better to walk more than to force the body with sports equipment, running or other intense workouts.

It is not worth starting anything new, making deals, negotiating: attention to detail, the ability to think clearly and logically is reduced, as is the ability to concentrate.

The last 2 lunar days before the new moon are called the days of Hekate. These are the worst days in the entire lunar cycle. It is better to spend them alone, avoiding business and stress. It is strongly not recommended to cut your hair these days: the hair will lie badly and may even stop growing for a while.

The moon drives huge tidal waves ashore, because its influence on the earth’s oceans and seas is great and undeniable. A living organism is more than 75% water. Not surprisingly, the moon also affects people. Women are more sensitive to the forces of nature than the brutal representatives of the stronger sex. You can ignore the lunar calendar, but this does not exclude the influence of the moon on the woman’s body. So is it worth neglecting the experience of generations? Life planning can become more effective if you take into account the influence of the lunar phases on well-being and health.