The fungus that causes this disease, called Candida, is sensitive to changes in diet. What foods should be eliminated so as not to feed harmful microorganisms?

Candida fungi are big sweet tooth, especially they love simple sugars. If you want to forget about thrush forever — give up sugar completely, get used to drinking tea without sugar and stop buying sweets. This is useful not only for women suffering from thrush: the rejection of sugar allows you to normalize weight, improves skin condition and has an overall positive effect on women’s health.

This food product is digested very quickly and in a short time increases the content of blood glucose, which is loved by the fungus. This can only be useful if you are a male bodybuilder who needs to gain weight, but women are better off limiting their intake. In addition, white rice contains much less nutrients needed by the body. Love rice — switch to its brown form, which is much more useful.

This is also one of the products leading to a jump in sugar levels. If Asians cannot imagine a table without rice, Russians replace it with bread, which is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner with any dish — from cabbage soup to dumplings. Nutritionists believe that bread can be very useful, but only on the condition that it is made from whole grains. It contains not only «empty» carbohydrates, but also all the enzymes with vitamins from the grain shell.

Yeast creates an ideal environment for the development of candidiasis, so it is better to refuse rich pastries. It is sometimes possible to treat yourself to pastries from premium flour without yeast, but not at the moment when the thrush has shown itself.

Soda contains simply monstrous amounts of sugar, and we don’t even notice how we absorb it in such a volume. One small bottle of cola contains 45 grams of sugar, and a two-liter bottle contains almost a glass. This also includes some juices. Before buying them, be sure to read the ingredients on the label.

Experts recommend limiting the use of fats in the treatment of candidiasis, so pork should be replaced with chicken, regular milk with skimmed milk, and sour cream should be completely abandoned. It also serves as a good prevention of the development of this disease.

Fruits, especially fresh ones, are very beneficial for the body. However, if you find outward signs of thrush in yourself, it is worth limiting the consumption of sweet fruits until you put women’s intimate health in order. After that, you can again include them in the diet, but the first time after treatment, you should not lean on fruits and berries.

If you want to prevent the development of Candida fungus, you should definitely include lemons, carrots, lingonberries, garlic, seaweed, cinnamon, bay leaves in your diet. These products prevent the fungus from developing, inhibiting its reproduction. Pickles and various marinades negatively affect it.

The more beneficial bacteria in the body, the more difficult it is for a bad fungus to live in it, therefore a very important stage of treatment and prevention is the normalization and restoration of the microflora of your intestines. Unsweetened yogurts, kefir and fermented baked milk containing live cultures can be a good help in this. To this end, be sure to add to the diet and bran.

A necessary preventive factor is the consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids contained in sea fish, linseed and rapeseed oil, and walnuts. In the body, these fats cannot be synthesized, entering it only from the outside, so be sure to eat these foods.

Vitamin C is another important substance for a woman’s intimate health; with thrush, it helps reduce inflammation, and also stimulates the immune system. A diet for thrush must necessarily include foods rich in it.

Proper nutrition is not the only measure to prevent candidiasis. To do this, it is important to take care of the intimate area, using a special gel for its hygiene. You should wash your face both in the morning and in the evening, change daily pads at least 2 times a day, and wear underwear and cotton fabrics, which allows air to freely penetrate the skin. Synthetics often cause a greenhouse effect that is favorable for the reproduction of fungi.

If you want to have a healthy microflora that protects the body from candidiasis, beware of the use of antibiotics. They should be used only in the most extreme cases and as prescribed by a doctor. The correct balance of microflora in the vagina can also be disturbed by frequent douching, especially those carried out with the use of antiseptics.

Three out of four women have had vaginal thrush at least once, but it is not difficult to prevent it. Follow the above tips and the harmful fungus won’t bother you!

Gynecology. National leadership / Ed. G. M. Savelyeva, G. T. Sukhikh, I.B. Manukhin 2013