We cross the dangerous frontier without fears and fears

There is no secret that the female body is much easier to cope with all stressful situations, colds and increased physical and emotional stress. The magical remedy for women is estrogens — hormones that stimulate the work of all organs and help the degeneration of cells and the rapid resumption of the entire system.

But there comes a time when women’s health is approaching a dangerous milestone — the onset of menopause. At this point, the amount of estrogen produced decreases sharply, and the female body is on the dangerous border. And this is where you need to start taking care of yourself:

  • Change the diet;
  • Train your body;
  • To refuse from bad habits;
  • Monitor your condition;
  • More to be in the air.

It’s like a little child who can’t walk, holding onto his mother’s hand. As soon as the mother lets go of her hand, the baby has to stand and walk on his own. At first slowly and uncertainly, and then firmly and with understanding of all their actions.

Say goodbye to excess calories without the slightest regret

The most important thing after 40 years is proper nutrition. All components must remain in the diet: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals. But with the huge number of calories that estrogens coped with, you have to say goodbye.

There are rules for proper nutrition for women who want to stay beautiful.
1. Consume at least 60 grams of protein per day;
2. Do not forget to add dairy products to the menu;
3. Fish and poultry are best steamed or baked rather than fried;
4. Fatty pork and lamb should be deleted from your menu;
5. Potatoes for a side dish should be combined with a lot of greens or carrots, beets, fresh cucumbers, cabbage;
6. On the shelf with cereals, it is better to leave only brown rice and buckwheat;
7. Once a week, you can eat scrambled eggs from two eggs for breakfast;
8. If you really like legumes — do not ban them: just limit their use and boil them well.

Don’t let your muscles relax

Compliance — a healthy lifestyle does not mean just eating right. The skin begins to sharply lose its elasticity, the muscles atrophy, become flabby. But no woman will allow this! Moderately loading your body with loads is what you need. It is not necessary to sign up for a gym and torture yourself with hourly workouts. There are several secrets:

  • Stop going up and down the elevator (unless, of course, you live on the tenth floor), accustom yourself to walking up the stairs;
  • Waking up in the morning, do not get out of bed until you lift your legs up 10 times — one or two at a time;
  • Prepare food standing up: cut salads, vegetables for borscht, peel potatoes;
  • Do a general cleaning at least 2 times a week — this is good for the figure and is the best prevention of dust allergies in the house;
  • Fill a five-liter eggplant with water and lift it with each hand in turn until your hands get tired.

We fill our cells with life-giving oxygen

You should seriously think about giving up alcohol and smoking. Get rid of all the enemies of the body, give it a chance to last longer. Train yourself to walk every evening for at least half an hour. If you can’t find the time for this, get yourself a dog. This little miracle will make you walk 2-3 times a day.

Saturated with oxygen, the body begins to recover. The cells of the brain and blood vessels breathe, saturated blood runs to the heart, which becomes much easier to work with. Morning and evening walks are useful, when nature itself breathes and gives you breath.

Monitor your condition daily

You need to start to deal with your body, change your lifestyle with caution. At the first signs of dizziness, tingling in the heart area, headache, take a tonometer and measure the pressure. Watch the chair, the general condition.

Learn to weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast at the same time. Try to stick to the routine and move more. By following at least a third of the recommendations, in a month you will feel completely different — cheerful and cheerful. And in a couple of years, it would never even occur to anyone to say that you are over 40!