A rare girl, whom nature did not reward with at least a third breast size, never thought about increasing it. The most reliable way to do this is to give the amount with a decent number of zeros to a plastic surgeon and go under the knife, but not everyone agrees to have surgery on their body.

It is for them that the filled online advertising is designed miracle cure and techniques that promise to increase breasts without surgery to the desired size. Gels, tablets, home vacuum massagers — all this can be easily bought online. Which of the methods really work, and which should not be trusted?

This method will really help to make your breasts bigger, it works like this: special cups are placed on the mammary glands, from which air is sucked out, which causes a rush of blood and swelling of the breast. This is done both in salons and independently. Home procedures are no worse in terms of effectiveness, but at first you will have to experiment in order to do without discomfort. Do not buy dubious devices on the Internet, it is better to purchase massage jars and oil in a pharmacy, and before that, sign up for a consultation mammologistsince the method is contraindicated for some women.

After a vacuum massage, the chest looks just great. Unfortunately, it must be repeated regularly, after the completion of the last session, the glands gradually take on their former shape, which takes them from a week to a month. But you can’t be zealous with this method — if you carry out the procedures regularly and for a long time, the chest may sag due to permanent stretching of the skin, which can be quite strong. Therefore, this method can only be considered as a one-time method, when, for example, you want to win the heart of your chosen one and are ready for any tricks, or you simply decide to order a photo session in a bikini from a professional photographer so that you have something to brag about on social networks.

This includes the very gels, creams and tablets, which can be advertised on the Internet. Externally applied products usually consist of two components: phytoestrogens and substances that cause a rush of blood to the skin, which slightly enlarges the chest. The effect is small, and you need to use creams all the time that you want to keep it. However, you should remember that you can drink them only with the permission of your gynecologist. Especially if you have problems with your menstrual cycle.

Many sites claim that you can increase breast volume by actively eating foods high in phytoestrogens. These are lentils, soybeans, peas, other legumes, cereals. Young girls are encouraged to additionally eat raw dough, yeast or cabbage. One of the “folk recipes” even suggests drinking at least a liter of beer a day, since there are a lot of phytoestrogens in it.

Such a diet can really help, but there is one caveat. Beer bellies in men who love foamy drink appear just the same due to the fact that a large number of phytoestrogens contributes to the growth of total body weight and body fat in particular. For every 20 grams of extra breast tissue in your breasts, you will have to put on a full kilo. Are you willing to make such sacrifices? It is especially important to know this for young girls whose body is still growing, since having grown fat at an early age, it will be very difficult to become slim in the future.

Regular is one of the cornerstones of beauty and women’s health. The chest here is no exception, because muscles are located under the adipose tissue, and by increasing their volume, you can make it bigger. Unfortunately, there is not much muscle tissue there, so you should not expect a miraculous effect, but chest exercises have an excellent “side effect”: the bust will become more elastic and raised. Studies by sexologists confirm that most men are attracted to breasts that, although smaller, are in better shape.

It is especially important to devote time to such exercises if you decide to lose weight. The lower your body weight, the smaller the volume of the chest becomes, this happens naturally due to a decrease in the total fat layer. And if at the same time you devote time to training the pectoral muscles, you can achieve two goals at once: lose extra pounds and maintain the volume of the chest, besides making it more elastic and attractive. Doing any kind of physical activity, do not forget about special sports bras that support the chest and protect it from shock loads.

There are a lot of means that allow breast enlargement without surgery, but is their use always justified? Among men there are fans like 4thand 1st size, and the size of the breast affects intimacy and marital relations much less than the trust and understanding that has developed between partners.

If you want to look good at a party or corporate event, you can wear an effect bra push up (or even with silicone), they will make your breasts beautiful and spectacular by lifting them up. But after you find yourself in bed with a man, it’s not the volume that will be more important, but whether you devoted time to exercises for the chest (that is, its tone and elasticity).

By the way, regular high-quality sex in itself has a positive effect on the size of this part of the body, increasing the synthesis of estrogens, and its intimate caresses serve as an excellent substitute for massage, improve blood circulation and increase the number of capillaries. So spend more time with your loved ones, and you will be satisfied with your breasts!