Sci­en­tists esti­mate that peo­ple spend about a third of their lives in sleep. But why then do we not get enough sleep and con­stant­ly feel tired? It turns out that some of our habits are to blame.

Med­AboutMe tells you what you need to do dur­ing the day to sleep sound­ly at night.

1. Wake up at the same time

It’s not as impor­tant to go to bed at the same time as it is to wake up. Each per­son has their own inter­nal clock, which works like an alarm clock if they stick to the sched­ule of falling asleep and wak­ing up.

There is no point in bask­ing in bed longer if the inter­nal alarm clock has worked and is call­ing you to get up. Over­sleep­ing is just as bad for your health as not get­ting enough sleep.

2. Drink more water

2. Drink more water

The rule of eight glass­es of clean water a day has not been can­celed! If your body is suf­fi­cient­ly hydrat­ed, your metab­o­lism works bet­ter and you are more active and pro­duc­tive through­out the day. While the lack of mois­ture makes a per­son yawn and walk like a sleepy fly. In addi­tion, mois­ture defi­cien­cy is a com­mon cause of headaches in the morn­ing.

Drink plen­ty of water through­out the day and lim­it your water intake a cou­ple of hours before bed­time, oth­er­wise the need may inter­rupt your sleep.

3. Time your caffeine intake

Every­one knows that drink­ing cof­fee before bed is a bad idea. But some experts believe that drink­ing cof­fee right after wak­ing up is also not very good. Not only can caf­feine on an emp­ty stom­ach cause prob­lems with the gas­troin­testi­nal tract, but it can also increase the lev­el of the stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol in the body. It is bet­ter to drink cof­fee 1–1.5 hours after wak­ing up and be sure to have a refresh­ment before­hand.

But the last cup of caf­feinat­ed drink should be 5–6 hours before bed­time. Caf­feine takes a long time to digest, so it’s best not to risk it.


There are peo­ple who are very sen­si­tive to caf­feine, there­fore, its “side effects” are more pro­nounced for them.

4. Practice physical activity

4. Practice physical activity

Reg­u­lar car­dio train­ing helps a per­son fall asleep faster and enjoy deep­er and more rest­ful sleep. There­fore, it is very use­ful to go to the gym 2–3 times a week, run in the morn­ing or swim in the pool in the evening. The main thing to remem­ber is an impor­tant rule: no intense train­ing an hour before bed­time!

A 2019 review of research found that reg­u­lar exer­cise is asso­ci­at­ed with a reduc­tion in the amount of time it takes adults to fall asleep.

5. Limit the duration of the siesta

Many peo­ple find it dif­fi­cult to be pro­duc­tive through­out the day if they don’t have time for breaks and short naps. It is not for noth­ing that sies­ta is prac­ticed in Italy.

But if you get more than 30 min­utes of day­time sleep, it can deprive you of a good night’s sleep. Experts Mayo Clin­ic It is rec­om­mend­ed to plan a sies­ta as ear­ly as pos­si­ble (in the after­noon, not in the evening) and care­ful­ly mon­i­tor its dura­tion.

Do you know what “sleepy” tra­di­tions exist in dif­fer­ent parts of the world? We have col­lect­ed the most inter­est­ing of them in the mate­r­i­al “12 sleep habits from around the world”!​

6. Eat foods for sweet dreams

There are foods that act like a “sleep­ing potion”. For exam­ple, juice from tart cher­ries, accord­ing to the find­ings of sci­en­tists, helps to quick­ly plunge into the Land of Dreams and sleep bet­ter. And Greek yogurt, a source of cal­ci­um and tryp­to­phan, helps you get enough sleep.

Foods con­tain­ing mag­ne­sium and potas­si­um are also use­ful. They per­fect­ly relax, relieve stress and give peace of mind. So, bananas and almonds can be great allies in the fight against fatigue.

7. Breathe fresh air more often and more

7. Breathe fresh air more often and more

Even a morn­ing walk can make a huge dif­fer­ence! While walk­ing at a leisure­ly pace on a warm, fine day, the lev­el of endor­phins hor­mones in the body, which are respon­si­ble for a good mood and work pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, increas­es in the body. They also help to be more alert and focused dur­ing the day, so that rou­tine tasks are per­formed bet­ter and faster.

And hav­ing worked hard dur­ing the day, a per­son, as a rule, sleeps bet­ter at night. But if this is not enough, a short walk 1–1.5 hours before bed­time will save you.

8. Stop watching thrillers before bed

Excit­ing block­busters and hor­ror films are not worth watch­ing right before bed. They excite the ner­vous sys­tem, and then it becomes more dif­fi­cult to fall asleep.

“But there is anoth­er dan­ger — expo­sure to the blue light that your gad­gets emit. A cer­tain wave­length dis­rupts your body’s bio­log­i­cal clock,” says MD, board-cer­ti­fied sleep ther­a­pist. Ilene Rosen.


​Spe­cial­ists Amer­i­can Acad­e­my for sleep Med­i­cine (AASM) It is advised to put away gad­gets and turn off the TV at least 30 min­utes before bed­time.

9. Create a favorable environment in the room

“Your body’s cir­ca­di­an rhythms cor­re­late with your body tem­per­a­ture,” MD says Ilene Rosen. Right before bed­time, the body tem­per­a­ture drops slight­ly and the per­son falls asleep.

If you low­er the aux­il­iary heat­ing indi­ca­tor, you will cool your room and your body and thus sig­nal to your brain that it is time to sleep.

10. Practice bedtime rituals

10. Practice bedtime rituals

A per­son with a dif­fi­cult, busy sched­ule can find it dif­fi­cult to calm down before bed and fall asleep. Work prob­lems do not give rest, and thoughts rush through my head like a whirl­wind. The best way to deal with this is to cre­ate your own sleep rit­u­als.

This could be tak­ing a bub­ble bath or show­er, chang­ing bed­ding, fill­ing a room with pleas­ant incense, or sim­ply read­ing a book or pur­su­ing a hob­by. Any­thing that calms the mind will even­tu­al­ly calm the body and the per­son will fall asleep.

11. Talk to a subject matter expert

M.D Ilene Rosen says that peo­ple came to her appoint­ments who said: “I have not slept nor­mal­ly for more than 15 years.” They thought it was some­thing they should accept and live with. But you don’t have to put up with insom­nia.

If your sleep is poor, at least 3 nights a week, and this con­tin­ues for three months, it can be assumed that you have chron­ic insom­nia. The best way to say good­bye to her is to con­tact a spe­cial­ist.

Sweet dreams to you!

Expert com­ment

Alexan­der Kohen­der­fer, neu­rol­o­gist, FSCC FMBA of Rus­sia

Sound and healthy sleep is the key to good health and good spir­its, but now many peo­ple suf­fer from sleep dis­or­ders. The most com­mon prob­lem is dif­fi­cul­ty falling asleep. Due to the fatigue accu­mu­lat­ed dur­ing the day, exces­sive ner­vous­ness or anx­i­ety, emo­tion­al overex­ci­ta­tion before the upcom­ing events, it is often quite dif­fi­cult to fall asleep. There are sev­er­al tips to help you fall asleep faster.

So, an evening walk in the fresh air will enrich the body with oxy­gen and restore men­tal strength, will have a relax­ing effect and help to rethink the infor­ma­tion received dur­ing the day, which will help you fall asleep quick­ly. After a walk, it is rec­om­mend­ed to drink warm herbal tea with chamomile, laven­der, lemon balm or mint.

At least an hour before bed­time, you must stop using var­i­ous gad­gets. It is bet­ter to replace social media mon­i­tor­ing with read­ing a book or lis­ten­ing to relax­ing music. It is best to fall asleep in a cool room, so you should ven­ti­late the room before going to bed, the opti­mum tem­per­a­ture for the bed­room is 18–20 degrees. At the same time, it is desir­able that the room be com­plete­ly dark.

Before going to bed, it is worth tak­ing a warm bath or show­er, this will allow the body to relax and over­come the accu­mu­lat­ed fatigue. Lying in bed, you can do sim­ple breath­ing exer­cis­es: put one hand on your chest and the oth­er on your stom­ach, take a few slow deep breaths through your nose and full exha­la­tions through your mouth, you need to focus on the sound of breath­ing. The exer­cise should be per­formed with­in 5 min­utes.

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