Peo­ple with seri­ous injuries need spe­cial care. Deprived of active move­ments and the abil­i­ty to ful­ly per­form active and pas­sive move­ments, they expe­ri­ence tor­ment and dis­com­fort, which can pro­voke stag­na­tion of blood cir­cu­la­tion in blood ves­sels, the devel­op­ment of blood clots.

Types of armchairs

Almost all mod­els of wheel­chairs are equipped with mechan­i­cal or auto­mat­ic devices. More expen­sive options are con­trolled remote­ly through the remote con­trol.

Wheel­chairs are of two types:

  • Elec­tric pow­ered — run on a bat­tery that needs to be recharged peri­od­i­cal­ly. The con­trol is car­ried out using a remote con­trol, which is most often built into the arm­rest. Sup­port the func­tions of speed con­trol, turn­ing, brak­ing. The only draw­back is the high cost;
  • Lever or mechan­i­cal — a more bud­get option. Two levers with han­dles are built into the design of the chair, which set it in motion.

It is very impor­tant to make the right choice so that a per­son can feel com­fort­able and have no dif­fi­cul­ty in mov­ing at home and on the street. Before pur­chas­ing a stroller, it will not be super­flu­ous to famil­iar­ize your­self with its char­ac­ter­is­tics.

Power wheelchair rating

Meyra 9.500 Clou

Meyra 9.500 Clou wheel­chair

The mod­ern wheel­chair can be used by adults and teenagers. There are no rotat­ing parts on the remote con­trol, so it is easy to use. The user can save indi­vid­ual para­me­ters for effi­cien­cy of actions.

The robust con­struc­tion is made of steel tubes, so the stroller can with­stand peo­ple with a lot of weight. Rollers and an elec­tron­ic brak­ing sys­tem pre­vent acci­den­tal tip­ping. High rear tires allow you to move even on uneven road sur­faces.


ORTONICA PULSE 110 wheel­chair

The ORTONICA PULSE 110 mod­el, as for a chair with an elec­tric dri­ve, is dis­tin­guished by its bud­get cost and low weight of the struc­ture — 40 kg. A con­trol joy­stick is installed on one of the arm­rests, with its help you can change the speed modes, of which 5 are pro­vid­ed. By the way, the arm­rests of the stroller can be fold­ed down if a trans­plant is need­ed. For reli­a­bil­i­ty, belts and anti-tip­pers are pro­vid­ed, which will com­ple­ment the user’s safe­ty while dri­ving over bumps.

The met­al parts of the chair are made of high qual­i­ty steel. In order for the patient to be in the chair for a long time with­out harm to health, an anti-decu­bi­tus pil­low is pro­vid­ed. The back­rest of the chair can be adjust­ed in rigid­i­ty with the help of ten­sion belts. Also on the stroller are two fair­ly roomy pock­ets for things. The ORTONICA PULSE 110 stroller is easy to fold and fits in the trunk of a car, which is very con­ve­nient for trav­el.

Invacare Dragon Vertic

Invacare Drag­on Ver­tic wheel­chair

This stroller has every­thing you need for a com­fort­able ride. The safe­ty of the patient is pro­vid­ed by fix­ing ele­ments in the chest, knees and low­er back, as well as on the sides.

The con­trol pan­el is con­ve­nient­ly locat­ed on the arm­rest. It allows you to adjust the speed of move­ment, which reach­es a max­i­mum of 6 km / h. The bat­tery allows you to dri­ve up to 25 km on a sin­gle charge.


OSD GO CHAIR wheel­chair

A large num­ber of reviews have been made on the OSD GO-CHAIR wheel­chair. The pop­u­lar­i­ty of the mod­el is asso­ci­at­ed with its high cross-coun­try abil­i­ty and low, as for an elec­tric stroller, weight (with­out bat­tery — 30 kg, with a bat­tery in total 58 kg). Due to the rather com­pact dimen­sions, the chair is very maneu­ver­able, which is con­ve­nient for mov­ing both on the street and around the apart­ment. With all its com­pact­ness, the chair can with­stand a patient weigh­ing up to 136 kg.

The elec­tric dri­ve, the con­trol pan­el of which is locat­ed on the arm­rest, allows you to cov­er dis­tances of up to 14 km with­out recharg­ing. The mod­el devel­ops a speed of up to 6 km/h, which is very opti­mal for mov­ing around the city. Due to the pres­ence of a fix­ing belt and an anti-tilt sys­tem, suf­fi­cient safe­ty is ensured. The seat and back are uphol­stered in faux leather. The arm­rests can be adjust­ed in height and lift­ed up, which is con­ve­nient when trans­plant­i­ng to / from the chair.

Vermeiren Forest 3 Lift

Ver­meiren For­est 3 Lift wheel­chair

The Ver­meiren For­est 3 Lift elec­tric wheel­chair is a fair­ly manoeu­vrable mod­el. In the chair, you can cov­er dis­tances up to 35 km at speeds up to 14 km / h (one of the high­est rates) with­out recharg­ing. There is a joy­stick on the chair, through which con­trol is exer­cised. You can install this joy­stick either on the right or on the left arm­rest. The load capac­i­ty of the chair is 130 kg.

Such an option as an “ele­va­tor” makes it pos­si­ble to change the height of the chair up to 30 cm. In addi­tion, the mod­el is equipped with one of the best shock-absorb­ing sys­tems that allows you to over­come bumps up to 12 cm high. The clear­ance is about 30 cm. The stroller is equipped with a com­fort­able head­rest and footrest, the lev­el of their height is adjust­ed accord­ing to the indi­vid­ual char­ac­ter­is­tics of the patient. The back and seat are anatom­i­cal­ly shaped, which will make a long stay in it com­fort­able.

Rating of power wheelchairs

Progeo Carbomax

Pro­g­eo Car­bo­max wheel­chair

The frame of the stroller is made of car­bon fiber — its light­ness pro­vides impec­ca­ble maneu­ver­abil­i­ty. The mod­el can be com­plet­ed under the order as addi­tion­al options are pos­si­ble.

With the help of avail­able adjust­ments, a per­son can choose the opti­mal body posi­tion for him­self, based on the phys­i­o­log­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics of the body. This will allow you to use the vehi­cle for long trips with­out feel­ing tired.

The uphol­stery of the seat is made of high qual­i­ty breath­able mate­r­i­al. The max­i­mum user weight reach­es 125 kg. The stroller folds eas­i­ly, so it can be trans­port­ed in the car.


MEYRA 9.050 BUDGET wheel­chair

The bud­get wheel­chair with a mechan­i­cal dri­ve MEYRA 9.050 BUDGET, based on reviews and reviews on the Inter­net, is one of the most durable mod­els. The mass of the stroller is 18.5 kg, and the nom­i­nal weight that the chair can with­stand is 130 kg. The grip of the wheels of the stroller is very good, allow­ing you to move on par­quet floors, and on asphalt side­walks, and on tiles, and even on sandy rocks.

The chair can be adjust­ed 10° for­ward and 10° back­ward. The seat depth is 43 cm. There are sev­er­al mod­i­fi­ca­tions of the seat width in which the chair is sold: 38, 40, 43, 46, 48, 51 cm. The arm­rests of this mod­el are remov­able. The front wheels are free to rotate 360°. The chair, uphol­stered in nylon fab­ric, boasts a spe­cial soft­ness. Addi­tion­al­ly, to ensure com­fort­able move­ment, the chair is equipped with a seat belt.

Titan Caneo-200 (LY-250–200)

Titan Caneo-200 (LY-250–200) wheel­chair

The rein­forced chair is made of high-strength steel, which is coat­ed with an anti-cor­ro­sion com­pound. At the same time, the design is light and manoeu­vrable.

Nylon seat uphol­stery is pleas­ant to the touch. The back can be removed or fixed with Vel­cro, and its rigid­i­ty changes depend­ing on the ten­sion of the straps.

The arm­rests recline and fea­ture a com­fort­able pad. The mono­pod can be com­plete­ly removed if nec­es­sary. The rear wheels are fit­ted with cast tires that are quick and easy to remove.

Mega-Optim 512B

Mega-Optim 512B wheel­chair

The wheel­chair Mega-Optim 512B is the most ergonom­ic mechan­i­cal mod­el. The anatom­i­cal seat and head­rest help keep the head and tor­so in a nat­ur­al posi­tion. The soft back leans back up to a lev­el of 135 °, which allows you to take a reclin­ing posi­tion. Soft footrests and arm­rests pro­tect against injuries and abra­sions. By the way, the arm­rests are eas­i­ly removed, which makes it easy for the user to trans­fer.

The chair is pro­vid­ed with an anti-decu­bi­tus cush­ion and anti-tip­pers, which can be adjust­ed and changed their posi­tion. Also, the mod­el is equipped with two park­ing brakes and one hand brake. The frame of the chair is steel, thanks to which it is able to with­stand weight up to 150 kg, which is one of the high­est load-bear­ing rates. The chair itself is uphol­stered in eco-leather. This mate­r­i­al is easy to care for, it can be eas­i­ly washed from dirt with a slight­ly damp cloth.

KARMA Medical ERGO 500

KARMA Med­ical ERGO 500 wheel­chair

The KARMA ERGO 500 wheel­chair is a chair of the high­est build qual­i­ty. The met­al parts are made from air­craft grade alu­mini­um. The uphol­stery of the back and seat is impreg­nat­ed with an antimi­cro­bial com­po­si­tion, which will elim­i­nate the occur­rence of an unpleas­ant smell of the stroller. For con­ve­nience, the chair is equipped with beveled arm­rests, which are equipped with soft sub­strates, and fold­ing footrests. The seat is quite wide, and the width can be adjust­ed.

As one of the best char­ac­ter­is­tics of the mod­el in reviews, buy­ers note the anatom­i­cal shape of the back of the chair, which has an S‑bend, which helps to main­tain the spine in the cor­rect, nat­ur­al posi­tion, reduc­ing the load on the pelvis. The mechan­i­cal dri­ve allows the user to move inde­pen­dent­ly and with the help of an accom­pa­ny­ing per­son. The max­i­mum load that the chair can with­stand is 115 kg.

Which wheelchair is better to buy

To make the wheel­chair com­fort­able, you need to make some mea­sure­ments.

The width of the seat is deter­mined by the widest point of the patien­t’s hips. When choos­ing a stroller for the street, you should make an increase with the expec­ta­tion of thick win­ter clothes. An incor­rect­ly cho­sen width of the prod­uct can lead to bed­sores, and too spa­cious a seat will pro­voke an incor­rect posi­tion of the patien­t’s body.

To deter­mine the depth of the seat, the mea­sur­ing tape is locat­ed on the out­er sur­face of the thigh — from the edge of the but­tock to the knee. 5–7.5 cm should be sub­tract­ed from the obtained val­ue. A per­son can fall out of a “small” chair, and too deep one neg­a­tive­ly affects blood cir­cu­la­tion. The dis­tance from the edge of the seat to the popliteal area should be approx­i­mate­ly 7 cm.

Leg length is mea­sured from the hip to the edge of the shoe. By adding 5 cm to this indi­ca­tor, you can get the opti­mal seat height.

If the patient is sit­ting on a pil­low, then you need to add its full thick­ness. The height of the arm­rests is the dis­tance between the seat and the begin­ning of the elbow, plus 2.5 cm.

To select the height of the chair back, the mea­sure­ment is made from the armpits of the patient to the seat. At this height, the body will be sup­port­ed min­i­mal­ly. If max­i­mum sup­port is required, then it is bet­ter to pay atten­tion to strollers with sec­tion­al back­rest adjust­ment.

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