In order to gain mus­cle mass and at the same time “not swim” with fat and main­tain attrac­tive forms, an inte­grat­ed approach is impor­tant. Hard train­ing will help you gain the miss­ing pounds, but with­out prop­er nutri­tion, it will be more dif­fi­cult to achieve your goal. You need to know about the prop­er­ties of prod­ucts, under­stand how they affect phys­i­cal fit­ness and health. Then the process of mus­cle growth will go much faster.

The Med­AboutMe project offers top 10 prod­ucts that help increase endurance and increase mus­cle mass.



Lean beef should be a sta­ple on your table. It con­tains all the sub­stances that are required for mus­cle growth. It con­tains iron, zinc, B vit­a­mins and oth­er use­ful trace ele­ments.

Beef con­tains high qual­i­ty pro­tein and an amino acid that, when inter­act­ing with insulin, stim­u­lates mus­cle mass gain. The advan­tage of beef is that it con­tains a lot of pro­tein, but the meat is non-caloric.

Chicken fillet

This prod­uct is a source of high qual­i­ty pro­tein, which is essen­tial for build­ing mass. It increas­es bone strength and main­tains nor­mal weight. Chick­en fil­let con­tains many trace ele­ments and prac­ti­cal­ly no fat.

In order not to min­i­mize the ben­e­fits of this meat, it is bet­ter to stew or bake it, steam it.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese

This prod­uct con­tains the valu­able pro­tein casein. It is com­plex, digestible for a long time, thanks to which it main­tains mus­cles in good shape. Cot­tage cheese is espe­cial­ly use­ful for those peo­ple who have to go with­out a meal for a long time. It con­tains a lot of vit­a­min B12, cal­ci­um and oth­er trace ele­ments.

To build mus­cle mass, but not gain extra pounds, buy fat-free cot­tage cheese.

Chicken eggs

They con­tain high qual­i­ty pro­tein, which is essen­tial for mus­cle growth. They con­tain amino acids, healthy fats, choline, vit­a­min D.

The yolk con­tains half of the pro­teins, fats, vit­a­mins, so sep­a­rat­ing it from the pro­tein is a gross mis­take.

Eggs are a valu­able prod­uct, but you should not abuse them. It is enough for men to eat up to 6 eggs a day, for women — up to 3.

Roskon­trol experts con­duct­ed lab­o­ra­to­ry stud­ies of pop­u­lar brands. They rec­om­mend choos­ing Hap­py Chick­en (Roskar), Selo Zelenoye, Sel­skaya Nov’ eggs. These sam­ples cor­re­spond to GOST.

Oily fish, salmon, salmon, tuna

Oily fish, salmon, salmon, tuna

It is rich in pro­tein and omega‑3 acids, there is prac­ti­cal­ly no “harm­ful” fat in it. This com­po­si­tion helps to build mus­cle mass, but at the same time helps to main­tain a fig­ure and not gain excess weight.

Fish nor­mal­izes metab­o­lism, speeds up metab­o­lism and sat­u­rates the body with all the nec­es­sary ele­ments.

Oat flour

It is an excel­lent source of car­bo­hy­drates, has a low glycemic index and does not require long pro­cess­ing. Oat­meal con­tains a large amount of coarse fiber, use­ful sub­stances. It sat­is­fies hunger well and gives a feel­ing of sati­ety for a long time.

Thanks to car­bo­hy­drates, the prod­uct helps to build mus­cle mass and sat­u­rates the body with ener­gy. Oat­meal is low in calo­ries, so it allows you to get rid of extra pounds. It can be safe­ly used by peo­ple who are los­ing weight.

Whole grain products

Whole grain products

Whole grains have tremen­dous nutri­tion­al val­ue. It gives ener­gy and a charge of vivac­i­ty.

Brown rice is espe­cial­ly ben­e­fi­cial. It pro­motes accel­er­at­ed mus­cle growth due to the fact that it increas­es the lev­el of hor­mones. Reg­u­lar con­sump­tion of boiled rice nor­mal­izes the diges­tive tract, helps get rid of body fat and makes the body more resilient.

Sprout­ed wheat con­tains a large amount of both pro­teins and car­bo­hy­drates. It is rich in zinc, potas­si­um, vit­a­min B, iron, amino acids and oth­er use­ful sub­stances. Wheat ener­gizes, increas­es endurance, nor­mal­izes the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem.


They are con­sid­ered a source of monoun­sat­u­rat­ed fats and con­tribute to the nor­mal func­tion­ing of the heart, blood ves­sels, joints, and lig­a­ments. To accel­er­ate mus­cle growth, you can eat cashews, wal­nuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazel­nuts.

You need to eat about 50 grams of nuts per day. For con­ve­nience, you can use elec­tron­ic scales.

Low fat dairy products

Low fat dairy products

It is a suit­able food for peo­ple who want to accel­er­ate mus­cle growth. Milk and kefir sat­u­rate the body with pro­tein with­out over­load­ing it with fat.

Serum is espe­cial­ly use­ful, it is rich in amino acids. It con­tains pep­tides that dilate blood ves­sels. Due to this, the “deliv­ery” of use­ful ana­bol­ic amino acids to the mus­cles is nor­mal­ized. Whey has a com­plex effect on the mus­cles, strength­en­ing them.

It is use­ful to drink whey before train­ing and imme­di­ate­ly after it. Then the ana­bol­ic effect will be most pro­nounced.

Lab­o­ra­to­ry stud­ies con­duct­ed by Roskon­trol experts showed that food sur­ro­gates have less nutri­tion­al val­ue. Care­ful­ly read the com­po­si­tion of dairy prod­ucts and choose only high-qual­i­ty and healthy prod­ucts.


Buck­wheat is a store­house of car­bo­hy­drates and amino acids that help build mus­cle. It gives a boost of ener­gy and muf­fles the feel­ing of hunger for a long time. Buck­wheat is rich in high-qual­i­ty pro­tein, vit­a­mins and microele­ments, it is quite nutri­tious.

You can cook buck­wheat with whole and split ker­nels. It goes well with veg­eta­bles and meat dish­es.

You should not lean heav­i­ly on buck­wheat — it is enough to eat up to 2 serv­ings per day. Your diet should be com­plete and bal­anced. Be sure to eat raw veg­eta­bles and fruits, drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Eat­ing should be a few hours before train­ing.


Healthy fats will help you build mus­cle. They are found in salmon, salmon, leafy veg­eta­bles, nuts, avo­ca­dos.

Eat veg­eta­bles and fruits — they are rich in fiber, nutri­ents.

Replace sug­ar with hon­ey. Add it to tea, com­pote and ener­gy drinks.

Make a train­ing plan and strict­ly fol­low it — this will help you gain mus­cle mass faster.

Include fish oil in your diet — it is rich in nutri­ents and helps speed up metab­o­lism.

Expert com­ment

Anna Dol­gikh, per­son­al train­er, cer­ti­fied spe­cial­ist in PE and reha­bil­i­ta­tion. Mul­ti­ple win­ner of com­pe­ti­tions in rhyth­mic gym­nas­tics. Cer­ti­fied spe­cial­ist in stretch­ing, clas­si­cal and step aer­o­bics, strength and func­tion­al areas

The prob­lem of insuf­fi­cient body weight excites many peo­ple. Gain­ing the miss­ing pounds is no eas­i­er than los­ing excess weight. Sim­ply adding high-fat foods to your diet will not solve the prob­lem. Your body will become flab­by and “jel­ly-like”, there will be dis­tur­bances in the work of inter­nal organs.

The cor­rect way out of the sit­u­a­tion is to gain weight by build­ing mus­cle mass. Then the fig­ure will be slim and pro­por­tion­al, fat will not be deposit­ed in the abdomen or thighs. This will help you not only reg­u­lar exer­cise, but also a bal­anced diet.

It is very impor­tant that pro­teins and amino acids, healthy fats are present in the diet. They pro­vide a good metab­o­lism and nor­mal­ize the func­tion­ing of inter­nal organs.

Be sure to include nuts, grains, flaxseeds in your diet. An excel­lent source of pro­tein is chick­en eggs. Con­sume fish oil reg­u­lar­ly, it can be replaced with krill oil. Salmon and oth­er fat­ty fish are a source of amino acids and omega-3s. Every day you need to eat raw veg­eta­bles and fruits — they are rich in fiber and nor­mal­ize the diges­tive tract.


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