How to cook a goose in the oven so that the meat is juicy and soft? You need to know a few nuances.

Secrets and nuances

Goose can be cooked whole or divid­ed into por­tions. In any case, you must first mar­i­nate the bird. To do this, you can use var­i­ous acidic juices, water with apple cider vine­gar, dry white wine and var­i­ous spices. You can sim­ply rub the bird with salt and spices and leave for a while. If the car­cass is whole, you should leave it to mar­i­nate overnight, and the pieces can be mar­i­nat­ed for 1–2 hours.

The whole car­cass is baked just like that or stuffed. Mush­rooms, dried fruits, fruits, cere­als are used as fill­ings. You can sim­ply bake a bird by spread­ing chopped veg­eta­bles near­by (pota­toes, for exam­ple). Bake the car­cass for about 2–3 hours

If goose pieces are baked, then it will take less time (about an hour and a half). First you need to bake the goose until half cooked, then add veg­eta­bles (if they are in the recipe) and bake until cooked.

Miscellaneous recipes

Miscellaneous recipes

Here are options for every taste.


Rub the legs and tops of the goose wings with salt and pep­per mix­ture. Leave for an hour, then fry until gold­en brown. Dice two onions, cir­cles — two car­rots, put on the bot­tom of the mold. Put the parts of the bird on top, pour the broth, cook in the oven for an hour. Put a kilo of sliced ​​​​pota­toes on top, sprin­kle with dry basil, pour in a lit­tle more broth. Cook for about an hour and twen­ty min­utes.

With champignons and apples

Cut a small goose car­cass into por­tions, rub with salt and chopped gar­lic. Leave for two hours. Cut 500 g of champignons, stew and put in a goose. Fry por­tions of poul­try and put on mush­rooms, pour in 200 ml of white dessert wine. Cook in the oven for about 2 hours. At the end of cook­ing, pour in 200 ml of sour cream mixed with half a tea­spoon of flour. After sev­en min­utes, put on a dish, spread­ing around the fried apples, cut into cir­cles.

Goose stuffed with rice and liver

Cut half a kilo of goose liv­er, put it in a small amount of water. Boil two cups of rice, mix with the liv­er. Rub the bird with salt, make punc­tures under the skin and put in each raisin. Then grease the goose with a mix­ture of flour, sour cream, nut­meg. Stuff with minced meat, sew up and cook for 2.5–3 hours.

Goose with sauce

Rub the bird’s car­cass with salt and pep­per, pour with a mix­ture of water and apple cider vine­gar. Leave for 6 hours, then bake in the oven. Pre­pare the sauce. To do this, cut a kilo­gram of onion into small cubes, grate the cel­ery root on a coarse grater, add the juice of one lemon, corian­der, cumin, black pep­per and a lit­tle boil­ing water. Sim­mer for 3–5 min­utes. Cool down. Serve the bird with the result­ing sauce.

With prunes and blackberries

Rub the goose inside and out with a mix­ture of salt and pep­per. Three car­rots, two onions fine­ly chopped and quick­ly fried. Cut 200 g of prunes, add a glass of black­ber­ries (berries can be tak­en frozen). Com­bine veg­eta­bles, dried fruits and berries, stuff the bird, cov­er with foil and bake until ten­der. This dish can be served with sweet and sour berry sauce.

As you can see, there are dif­fer­ent recipes for goose baked in the oven. Choose what you like best.


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