Sleep prob­lems hap­pen to every­one from time to time. Over­whelm­ing emo­tions, phys­i­cal or men­tal fatigue, lack of phys­i­cal activ­i­ty and oth­er fac­tors neg­a­tive­ly affect the process of immer­sion in the king­dom of Mor­pheus. What can be done to improve sleep qual­i­ty and come faster?

Prob­lems with falling asleep, when a per­son is spin­ning in bed for sev­er­al hours, is worse than any tor­ture, and awak­en­ing from any rus­tle and sub­se­quent insom­nia also unset­tle for a long time. If this hap­pens reg­u­lar­ly, then the qual­i­ty of human life suf­fers sig­nif­i­cant­ly. He becomes irri­ta­ble, moral­ly depressed, his work­ing capac­i­ty decreas­es and his immu­ni­ty is weak­ened. The risk of heart attacks and oth­er dis­eases increas­es.

The surest way to improve sleep is to not wait for it.

The surest way to improve sleep is to not wait for it.

No mat­ter how trite it may seem, but you should not esca­late the sit­u­a­tion, think about insom­nia and that now you won’t be able to fall asleep again. Morale is of great impor­tance, so you need to learn not to be ner­vous about this. It is nec­es­sary to agree with your­self and say to your­self some­thing like: “Now I’ll lie down for a bit and if I don’t feel the desire to fall asleep, I won’t suf­fer, but I’ll do some house­work — I’ll wash the dish­es, clean the plumb­ing, etc. “. If you do not focus on the prob­lem, then there are high chances that it will be solved by itself and the person’s sleep will improve.

How to establish a sleep and rest regimen — doctor’s advice

Often, prob­lems with falling asleep occur in those who go to bed at dif­fer­ent times of the day. Here again, we had to sit down for a dis­ser­ta­tion at night, or the author­i­ties urgent­ly called me on duty, and then we are sur­prised that we can’t fall asleep in any way. As for the divi­sion into “larks” and “owls”, this is all the result of many years of habit and fea­tures of the main activ­i­ty, which, if desired, can be changed. In 3–4 weeks, you can learn to get up ear­ly — at 6 o’clock in the morn­ing, and go to bed at 22.00, or rather at 22.30, since dur­ing this time 5 phas­es of a per­son­’s sleep, 1.5 hours each, must pass.

Why does the doc­tor’s advice pro­vide for a restruc­tur­ing from the “owl” mode to the “lark”? If you wake up ear­ly and refuse to take a nap, by 10 pm you will be tired enough for the day and want to sleep. In addi­tion, this is also impor­tant because our ner­vous sys­tem receives a good rest pre­cise­ly from 22.00 to 24.00 hours. This peri­od is also called the “mag­ic dream” and not by chance. It can­not be replaced by hours of “over­sleep­ing” after 6 am and any oth­er rest sched­ule that does not include this peri­od of time.

Being a “lark” is more use­ful than an “owl” in terms of health, because food tak­en at night does not turn into ener­gy, since all bio­chem­i­cal process­es in the body are slowed down, but is stored in reserve, that is, it turns into fat. And this is over­weight, prob­lems with blood ves­sels, etc.

Preparatory activities before bedtime as prevention and treatment of insomnia

Preparatory activities before bedtime as prevention and treatment of insomnia

Do not lose sight of this moment, because even the small­est detail such as cold feet can make you suf­fer for a long time and wait for immer­sion in the king­dom of Mor­pheus. There­fore, before going to bed, it is rec­om­mend­ed to car­ry out a num­ber of activ­i­ties, choos­ing one of them or com­bin­ing sev­er­al meth­ods with each oth­er at once to quick­ly fall asleep:

  • take a warm bath. Hard work, stress and anx­i­ety lead to an increase in mus­cle tone. Warm baths will help to relax them and relieve spasm. You can add sooth­ing essen­tial oils to the water — lemon balm, laven­der, cypress, juniper, cedar. You can com­bine tak­ing a bath with aro­mather­a­py if you light an aro­ma lamp;
  • get a relax­ing mas­sage. Of course, one can­not do with­out the help of one of the fam­i­ly mem­bers, but if no one is around, you can inde­pen­dent­ly stretch the mus­cles of the arms and legs, neck. And if you expe­ri­ence dis­com­fort in the back area, get a Kuznetsov appli­ca­tor and lie on it for a while;
  • turn on soft music. On sale you can find spe­cial discs for med­i­ta­tion and relax­ation with the sounds of nature — birds singing, the sound of the sea, etc. You can include clas­si­cal works or church hymns;
  • slow down breath­ing. It is no secret that it nat­u­ral­ly slows down dur­ing sleep, so you can help your­self by accel­er­at­ing its onset if you start doing spe­cial breath­ing exer­cis­es: take a breath and men­tal­ly slow­ly count from 1 to 6. As you exhale, men­tal­ly say 7, 8, 9, 10;
  • put on a dark blind­fold before going to bed so that the body starts pro­duc­ing mela­tonin, the sleep hor­mone;
  • ven­ti­late the room, and if it is not too cold out­side, you can leave the win­dow ajar. Experts say that a per­son­’s sleep is high­ly depen­dent on the air tem­per­a­ture in the bed­room. The most com­fort­able indi­ca­tors vary with­in + 18–20 ᵒС;
  • turn off the lights. If you don’t feel com­fort­able in total dark­ness, then at least turn it down and make sure it does­n’t hit you in the face. If you decide to pur­chase a night light, then choose a device that emits red light;
  • stop men­tal and phys­i­cal activ­i­ty at least an hour before bed­time, oth­er­wise you will need more time for the body to rebuild and active process­es to be replaced in it by process­es of inhi­bi­tion and falling asleep;
  • do not eat 3–4 hours before bed­time. You should not go to bed either on an emp­ty stom­ach or on a full stom­ach. If you feel the urge to eat, drink a glass of kefir.

Calming drinks are a great way to improve a person’s sleep

Calming drinks are a great way to improve a person's sleep

As you know, tea with hon­ey is an excel­lent tool for rest­ful sleep, but you need to put this bee­keep­ing prod­uct not in boil­ing water, but in hot water, oth­er­wise all its ben­e­fi­cial prop­er­ties will be neu­tral­ized. Instead of tea, herbal­ists rec­om­mend brew­ing med­i­c­i­nal herbs, but the main thing here is not to over­do it and not to turn off the infu­sions before going to bed with mugs, oth­er­wise there will sim­ply be no time to rest — an over­flow­ing blad­der will tor­ment you. Here are the recipes for mak­ing the most effec­tive drinks:

  • mix the crushed roots of valer­ian and angel­i­ca in equal pro­por­tions. Pour the mix­ture in a vol­ume of 20 g with 200 ml of plain clean water and boil in a water bath for 20 min­utes. Infuse for 45 min­utes, then fil­ter, add water to the orig­i­nal vol­ume and drink ¼‑1/3 cup twice or thrice a day;
  • mix in equal pro­por­tions chamomile flow­ers, pep­per­mint, fen­nel, cumin and valer­ian. A mix­ture of 2 tbsp. l. pour 1 glass of plain clean water and pre­pare a decoc­tion accord­ing to the pre­vi­ous recipe. Take 1/3 cup three times a day.

Accord­ing to the same recipe, you can pre­pare a decoc­tion of moth­er­wort, St. John’s wort, Ivan tea, worm­wood, lemon balm, laven­der. All of them will help set the body for a healthy and sound sleep.


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