The fit­ness exer­cise pro­gram for gain­ing mus­cle mass includes: a train­ing sched­ule, a fit­ness diet, as well as opti­mal peri­ods for mus­cle rest. Such fit­ness is sig­nif­i­cant­ly dif­fer­ent from the “dry­ing” of the body when the relief is being worked on.

Fitness for beautiful muscles: instructions in detail

Men attend fit­ness train­ing in the gym most often to build mus­cle mass. The main task is to choose the right type of train­ing, oth­er­wise there is a pos­si­bil­i­ty of los­ing the accu­mu­lat­ed mus­cle mass, wast­ing time and mon­ey. There­fore, the fit­ness pro­gram should take into account the main prin­ci­ples of mus­cle build­ing.

  • Work­out time.

Fit­ness class­es in the gym are best spent no more than an hour. Oth­er­wise, there is a risk of get­ting over­worked, and instead of build­ing up, mus­cle burn­ing will go. The break time between sets to restore shape is from one to four min­utes. If you rest longer, the flow of oxy­gen to the mus­cles will weak­en, and they will return to the state they were in before the fit­ness train­ing.

  • The fre­quen­cy of fit­ness activ­i­ties.

The break between work­outs should last at least 48 hours. There­fore, exer­cise should be no more than 3 times a week.

Fit­ness ele­ments are per­formed in 3 sets, from 8 to 12 times per set. Work out the mus­cles slow­ly, mea­sured­ly, focus on hon­ing the tech­nique of the exer­cise. If you fol­low this set­ting, the result will appear much ear­li­er than with the build-up of the load and long exhaust­ing work­outs.

An effec­tive fit­ness pro­gram for increas­ing mus­cle mass includes exer­cis­es with a bar­bell, dumb­bells. They give the load nec­es­sary for mus­cle growth. How­ev­er, you should not exer­cise using a spe­cif­ic weight: con­sis­tent­ly increase the load so that the mus­cles do not stop grow­ing.

Fitness classes and the basics of compiling a training program

Fitness classes and the basics of compiling a training program

It’s worth start­ing mus­cle build­ing work­outs with a basic fit­ness pro­gram. It will serve as the basis before pump­ing up the vol­ume and shap­ing the relief of the mus­cles. Mul­ti-joint exer­cis­es exist in order to engage sev­er­al mus­cle groups at the same time. Among them are exer­cis­es with a bar­bell and push-ups. At the next stage of fit­ness train­ing, the task is to work out the mass of spe­cif­ic mus­cles, and only in the finals the mus­cle mass of the fore­arms and tri­ceps is gained.

The fit­ness pro­gram for the mus­cles should be sup­ple­ment­ed / changed every 3–4 weeks: add new exer­cis­es, change the inten­si­ty, weight. Then the mus­cles accus­tomed to a cer­tain load will begin to expe­ri­ence stress and train­ing will not lose in effi­cien­cy.

It is a well-known fact that mus­cle mass does not increase dur­ing train­ing, but in between work­outs. Thus, high-qual­i­ty mus­cle hyper­tro­phy can be obtained only if you orga­nize the right recov­ery com­plex, which includes a fit­ness diet, sports sup­ple­ments and good sleep.

Avoid over­load, mus­cles need rest. The opti­mal solu­tion is to choose a fit­ness pro­gram where each mus­cle group is acti­vat­ed only once a week. In this case, you can work out all the nec­es­sary direc­tions with­out unnec­es­sary stress.

Fitness program for muscle growth (exercise and rest schedule)

Fitness program for muscle growth (exercise and rest schedule)

The rec­om­mend­ed mus­cle build­ing fit­ness pro­gram is opti­mal for inter­me­di­ate to advanced ath­letes. Fit­ness class­es last 6 weeks. At the begin­ning of train­ing, per­form exer­cis­es from 8 to 10 times in three sets, then the load can be increased (up to 10–12 rep­e­ti­tions in 4 sets).

First day. Tri­ceps work­out.

  • Rais­ing the bar with a wide grip.

While lying on a hor­i­zon­tal sur­face, grab the bar­bell with your palms fac­ing for­ward. Hold the pro­jec­tile direct­ly above the chest, do not bend your arms. As you inhale, low­er the pro­jec­tile down towards the low­er part of the chest. As you exhale, tens­ing your mus­cles, lift the bar­bell. The upward move­ment should be less in time than the down­ward move­ment, approx­i­mate­ly 2 times.

  • Lift­ing dumb­bells from a lying posi­tion on an incline bench.

Place the dumb­bells in front of you at chest lev­el, shoul­der width apart, palms for­ward. As you exhale, slow­ly low­er the dumb­bells to your sides. On an inhale lift the dumb­bells up.

  • Lift­ing and breed­ing dumb­bells in a prone posi­tion on a hor­i­zon­tal sur­face.
  • Lift­ing the bar in a prone posi­tion on a hor­i­zon­tal bench.

Dur­ing this ele­ment of fit­ness, you should feel ten­sion in your chest.

  • “French Press”.

Raise the bar while lying on your stom­ach on an incline.

  • Rais­es the knees on the cross­bar.

With your arms wide apart, hang on the hor­i­zon­tal bar. Straight­en your legs and lift to a right angle with the body, then slow­ly low­er.

The sec­ond day is mus­cle recov­ery.

Take this day to rest: vis­it a mas­sage room, pre­pare sports nutri­tion. You can do yoga, light gym­nas­tics, stretch­ing. Do not for­get about a full-fledged, at least eight-hour sleep.

Third day. Fit­ness for the back and biceps.

  • Pull-ups on the hor­i­zon­tal bar.
  • Lift­ing the bar in a stand­ing posi­tion and in an incline.
  • Pull-ups on the cross­bar of the hor­i­zon­tal bar with a reverse grip of the hands.
  • Rais­ing the bar in a stand­ing posi­tion to the lev­el of the hips.
  • Lift­ing the bar with a reverse grip to the shoul­ders.
  • Lift­ing dumb­bells.

In a sit­ting posi­tion, exhale, lift the dumb­bells, at the same time turn your hands with your palms fac­ing you. Tight­en your biceps, fix the pose for a sec­ond. On an inhale, low­er the dumb­bells down.

Lying on the edge of a hor­i­zon­tal bench, cross your arms over your chest. As you exhale, gen­tly bend your body at the waist, keep­ing your back straight. As you exhale, take a hor­i­zon­tal posi­tion again.

The fourth day is mus­cle recov­ery and relax­ation.

Fifth day. Fit­ness for the mus­cles of the shoul­ders and legs.

  • Run­ning on the sim­u­la­tor for 15 min­utes.
  • Squats. For opti­mal load­ing, do this exer­cise with a bar­bell. Keep your back straight.
  • Lift­ing the bar while sit­ting on a bench.
  • Lift­ing the bar from behind the head. Per­formed in a squat posi­tion.
  • Breed­ing dumb­bells to the sides to shoul­der height in a stand­ing pose.

The sixth and sev­enth days are devot­ed to rest and mus­cle recov­ery.


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