1. Is the com­po­si­tion of the blan­ket impor­tant and how not to make a mis­take in choos­ing?
  2. Win­ter option: choose a blan­ket for the cold sea­son
  3. Hol­i­day chores — how to choose a blan­ket as a gift
  4. The mag­ic of col­or: is it worth believ­ing signs?
  5. Form mat­ters — choose a blan­ket for the sofa

Is the composition of the blanket important and how not to make a mistake in choosing?

How to choose a blan­ket for a sofa? This ques­tion, for sure, was asked by many con­nois­seurs of cozi­ness and com­fort. Of course, a blan­ket is not an oblig­a­tory attribute of the inte­ri­or, but with­out it it is dif­fi­cult to imag­ine qui­et evenings when cool­ness creeps into the house and notice­ably pulls cold on the floor. Cov­ered with a large, warm blan­ket, armed with a book and a cup of tea, you can pass the time won­der­ful­ly.

How­ev­er, the choice of blan­kets today is so great that you will have to work hard to choose exact­ly what you like and can afford. The first thing you should pay atten­tion to, puz­zled by the ques­tion “how to choose a blan­ket for a sofa,” is the com­po­si­tion. To date, man­u­fac­tur­ers offer three options:

    • warm blan­kets made of nat­ur­al wool (usu­al­ly sheep);
    • more afford­able blend­ed fiber options (wool sup­ple­ment­ed with acrylic);
    • syn­thet­ic blan­kets and bed­spreads made of dense fleece (pile arti­fi­cial mate­r­i­al).

All three cat­e­gories are in steady demand, as they have their own mer­its. The first blan­kets have excel­lent qual­i­ties that allow you to quick­ly accu­mu­late and retain heat for a long time. They are hygro­scop­ic and envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly. To choose a blan­ket made of wool means to choose nat­ur­al with­out any syn­thet­ics.

The sec­ond blan­kets are more resis­tant to mechan­i­cal stress, can be dyed in more intense col­ors, the blan­kets are easy to wash, but they can accu­mu­late sta­t­ic elec­tric­i­ty, like a pure syn­thet­ic blan­ket, and do not pass air and mois­ture very well.

The third blan­kets are very light, bright and pleas­ant to the touch. They do not cause an aller­gic reac­tion. The plaid with pile, like a plush, is easy to wash in the wash­ing machine and dries quick­ly. Such blan­kets are more suit­able as unpre­ten­tious capes on uphol­stered fur­ni­ture.

Winter option: choose a blanket for the cold season

In win­ter, the body’s ther­moreg­u­la­tion requires much more ener­gy, so it’s impor­tant to take a blan­ket to bed before going to bed. As an alter­na­tive or a reg­u­lar addi­tion to heavy wool blan­kets, you can use com­fort­able win­ter blan­kets. They are denser than reg­u­lar blan­kets and bet­ter retain the heat of the human body. Of course, the best plaid, which is made of nat­ur­al wool. It is bet­ter than oth­er mate­ri­als suit­able for the cold sea­son. When deter­min­ing which is bet­ter, you should pay atten­tion to:

      • thick­ness and den­si­ty of the blan­ket;
      • qual­i­ty and con­sci­en­tious­ness of edge pro­cess­ing;
      • match­ing the size of the blan­ket to the bed.

Do not choose over­ly bulky mod­els. It is dif­fi­cult to take care of them, and it will not be easy to dry a blan­ket with a long pile in the con­di­tions of an apart­ment in win­ter. It is bet­ter to choose the one whose sur­face is as even as pos­si­ble, the edge pro­cess­ing line — with­out gaps and elon­gat­ed loops.

Holiday chores — how to choose a blanket as a gift

A blan­ket on the sofa can be a great gift for close friends or rel­a­tives. Do not give blan­kets to unfa­mil­iar peo­ple or work col­leagues. The fact is that you can­not be sure that the per­son to whom you want to give such a prac­ti­cal and nec­es­sary gift is not aller­gic to nat­ur­al wool or has a skin reac­tion to syn­thet­ics. There­fore, the prob­a­bil­i­ty of not guess­ing is quite high.

As for close peo­ple, about whom you know, if not all, then a lot, here you will also have to make a lot of effort. How to choose a blan­ket for a sofa as a gift?

  1. You must be clear about where and how your blan­ket will be used. You should def­i­nite­ly pay a cour­tesy call before you buy a blan­ket in the store, what if your loved ones man­aged to make repairs, change the wall­pa­per or throw away the old bed?
  2. Hav­ing found out the sit­u­a­tion, hav­ing decid­ed on the col­or of the plaid, which should be suit­able for the inte­ri­or, it is worth unob­tru­sive­ly clar­i­fy­ing whether the per­pe­tra­tors of the upcom­ing cel­e­bra­tion are suf­fer­ing from aller­gies.
  3. But the best thing is to open the cards in advance and invite the gift­ed per­son to choose the mod­el he likes him­self. Yes, there will be no sur­prise, but the blan­ket will be used for its intend­ed pur­pose, and not lie on the shelf in antic­i­pa­tion of a new own­er.

The magic of color: is it worth believing signs?

Many of us sin­cere­ly believe in var­i­ous signs that are some­how con­nect­ed with col­or. Some­one prefers not to use black tones in the inte­ri­or, some­one is oppressed by pur­ple, pop­u­lar­ly called “wid­ow’s” or annoy­ing red … Every­one has their own pref­er­ences.

How­ev­er, do not believe the signs, choos­ing some suit­able blan­ket for the house. Much more impor­tant is how the new thing will look in your room, will it not be dis­so­nant with the inte­ri­or, will it close the bed? If you are unsure whether the col­or of your cho­sen blan­ket will match the fur­ni­ture or fin­ish­es, you can use the Col­or Match­ing Chart. It is on the Inter­net, freely avail­able. As a last resort, you can con­sult a famil­iar design­er or con­sult with some­one whose taste you trust.

Form matters — how to choose a blanket for a sofa

Last but not least, what you should pay atten­tion to when choos­ing a throw for a sofa is the shape, size and con­fig­u­ra­tion of the sofa. Often, uphol­stered fur­ni­ture has rather bizarre ele­ments — fig­ured arm­rests, a strong­ly curved back, and an angu­lar con­fig­u­ra­tion. Pick­ing up a blan­ket on a sofa that could be used as a decor can be very dif­fi­cult. In order not to be mis­tak­en, he advis­es care­ful­ly mea­sur­ing all the main parts of the sofa before buy­ing — the height and length of the back, the length and width of the seat, the width of the arm­rests. Be sure to see how the arm­rests attach to the seat. In some mod­els, volu­mi­nous pil­lows are replaced from and back, which are attached to Vel­cro (Vel­cro tape). Fas­ten­ings will also have to be tak­en into account when buy­ing a wool blan­ket and cal­cu­lat­ing its esti­mat­ed width.

Impor­tant: it is bet­ter to take a slight­ly large blan­ket, it can always be fold­ed or hemmed. If the can­vas is small­er, it will be much more dif­fi­cult to fix it.


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