Accord­ing to sta­tis­tics, more than 40 mil­lion peo­ple in Rus­sia suf­fer from insom­nia. The vast major­i­ty are res­i­dents of megac­i­ties, forced to exist at a fran­tic pace of life, and at the end of the day unable to read­just and relax, tune in to a rest­ful sleep. Every­one solves this prob­lem in their own way: some­one drinks tran­quil­iz­ers, and some­one turns to tra­di­tion­al med­i­cine. And what is the best way to fall asleep in real­i­ty and what do experts advise about this?

The role of sleep in human life

A per­son can change a lot in his life, but what he can nev­er do is give up sleep. Sleep is nec­es­sary for the body to restore, main­tain the health of inter­nal organs and the brain. The lat­ter needs a night’s rest to process the infor­ma­tion received dur­ing the day and find the right solu­tion, and sci­en­tists from the Divi­sion of Biopsy­chol­o­gy, Neu­ro­science Cen­ter Zurich, Switzer­land, found out that sleep is essen­tial to pre­serve mem­o­ry, restore for­got­ten infor­ma­tion. On aver­age, a per­son needs 8 hours to rest and enter a state of wake­ful­ness full of strength and ener­gy. How­ev­er, not every­one suc­ceeds in falling into the realm of Mor­pheus as soon as the head touch­es the pil­low. So what’s the best way to sleep?

Expert advice for fast and easy falling asleep

Expert advice for fast and easy falling asleep

Here are the rec­om­men­da­tions that experts give regard­ing qual­i­ty sleep:

  • Choose the right time. When is the best time to sleep? Som­nol­o­gists believe that it is best to go to bed at 21:30, so that sleep comes at 22:00. There is an opin­ion that it is in the next two hours before mid­night that the main process­es of restor­ing the body take place, and it is impos­si­ble to “get” this time in the morn­ing or in the after­noon.
  • Get ready. Know­ing that at 21:30 you need to go to bed, the last time you get up from the table should be at 18:00–18:30. If you have prob­lems falling asleep, then it is bet­ter not to fill up at night, hav­ing din­ner with some­thing light. A warm show­er, a glass of milk with hon­ey or herbal tea pre­pared on the basis of lemon balm, valer­ian, thyme, laven­der, pas­sion­flower, hops, evad­ing peony has a relax­ing and paci­fy­ing effect on the body. Addi­tion­al­ly, you can make a hot foot bath.
  • Choose a place. It should be com­fort­able, com­fort­able and designed specif­i­cal­ly for sleep. The room must first be ven­ti­lat­ed and, if the weath­er per­mits, leave the win­dow ajar. Those who want to know how to sleep bet­ter should remem­ber that the long-await­ed obliv­ion comes eas­i­er in cool air tem­per­a­tures than in stuffy con­di­tions.

Sleep secrets

If prepa­ra­tion for sleep has already become a dai­ly rit­u­al, and there was no prop­er rest, you can use the secrets of falling asleep quick­ly. Here is some of them:

  • count sheep, and even bet­ter count to ten, then start over and so on until the long-await­ed dream comes;
  • focus on the feet. Repeat monot­o­nous­ly: “My feet are warm and hot…”;
  • med­i­tate a lit­tle. The world-famous psy­chol­o­gist Louise Hay advis­es to imag­ine your­self in the form of a pond — calm and unruf­fled, around which lush grass grows, trees turn green, and birds sit and sing on the branch­es. Draw­ing this pic­ture in your imag­i­na­tion, you can calm down, nor­mal­ize your heart rate and fall asleep;
  • how to fall asleep quick­ly and eas­i­ly? Use the meth­ods of the spe­cial ser­vices. It lies in the fact that, while lying in bed, try not to fall asleep, but on the con­trary, give your body the instal­la­tion not to sleep in any case. Accord­ing to sci­en­tists, for a stressed per­son, this works much bet­ter than visu­al­iza­tion and relax­ation tech­niques.

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