Unlike its pre­de­ces­sors, the new gen­er­a­tion of scales not only shows weight, BMI, body fat per­cent­age and oth­er para­me­ters, but also syn­chro­nizes with a smart­phone using Blue­tooth or Wi-Fi. This fea­ture allows you to trans­fer all mea­sure­ments obtained using smart scales to your mobile device, ana­lyze and com­pare indi­ca­tors, track your progress, and if you wish, share them with loved ones, a train­er or a nutri­tion­ist direct­ly from the free appli­ca­tion.

Fea­tures to look out for when buy­ing:

  • Auto­mat­ic shut­down. Since the prod­ucts run on recharge­able bat­ter­ies or replace­able bat­ter­ies, auto­mat­ic shut­down is nec­es­sary to con­serve bat­tery pow­er.
  • Body mate­r­i­al. Scales can be met­al or plas­tic. The for­mer are more durable, the lat­ter are cheap­er and lighter, and with care­ful atti­tude they will last for quite a long time. Smart scale plat­forms are usu­al­ly made of glass.
  • Mea­sure­ment sys­tem. When pur­chas­ing a for­eign-made mod­el, you should pay atten­tion to the units in which the data is dis­played — in kilo­grams or pounds. Most prod­ucts sup­port both units.
  • Error. The high­er the qual­i­ty and, accord­ing­ly, the more expen­sive the scales, the high­er the mea­sure­ment accu­ra­cy declared by the man­u­fac­tur­er. But the rules have excep­tions, so you can save mon­ey, but you will have to care­ful­ly study the char­ac­ter­is­tics and reviews so as not to mis­cal­cu­late and not buy a low-qual­i­ty prod­uct.
  • Mem­o­ry. Elec­tron­ic mod­els are equipped with mem­o­ry. Depend­ing on the fea­tures of a par­tic­u­lar mod­el, it can store data from 1 to 16 peo­ple. Mem­o­ry is nec­es­sary if the own­er reg­u­lar­ly mon­i­tors changes in his body.
  • Dig­it size. The larg­er the dig­its on the dis­play, the bet­ter — you won’t have to ask strangers to look at the val­ue because it’s hard to read.

Rating of the best smart scales

Beurer BF 950 BK

Beur­er BF 950 BK

To get the most out of your Beur­er BF 950 BK with long-term mon­i­tor­ing, down­load the Beur­er Health­Man­ag­er mobile app and sync it with your scale. This gives a lot of advan­tages: it becomes pos­si­ble to cal­cu­late body weight, BMI, the pro­por­tion of mus­cle and fat mass, tis­sue flu­id, meta­bol­ic val­ues ​​u200bu200b(plus, tak­ing into account phys­i­cal activ­i­ty).

Scales have a matrix two-line dis­play with a back­light func­tion. The data is dis­played along with the user’s ini­tials, the mem­o­ry is designed for 8 peo­ple, which makes the device indis­pens­able for a large fam­i­ly or a small group of ath­letes. The mem­o­ry stores the last 30 mea­sure­ments. Data trans­fer is car­ried out via Blue­tooth.

Omron BF508

Omron BF508

The Omron BF508 is an excel­lent smart body com­po­si­tion mon­i­tor that can help users on their way to their goals. In order to use the device, you need to stand on it with both feet and pick up the ana­lyz­er, then press the but­ton to start mea­sur­ing the para­me­ters of the body.

The scale is able to show the per­cent­age of body fat, the pres­ence of vis­cer­al fat and body mass index. The device is bat­tery oper­at­ed and does not require an elec­tri­cal con­nec­tion. The body of the scales is quite light and com­pact, it can be freely put away in a stor­age cab­i­net.

There is a mem­o­ry pro­gram for 4 mea­sure­ments. All data can be viewed by the user on the dis­play. The case, made of met­al and plas­tic, will allow the scales to serve their own­ers for a long time.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2

Xiao­mi Mi Smart Scale 2

The scales are white, and of the vis­i­ble ele­ments on the sur­face, only the iri­des­cent man­u­fac­tur­er’s logo is vis­i­ble. The cor­ners are round­ed. Despite the small dimen­sions of the struc­ture, the user’s feet will fit exact­ly on it.

Smart scales with diag­nos­tics are equipped with a glass plat­form. They are allowed to be used by peo­ple whose weight does not exceed 150 kg. The mea­sure­ments are always accu­rate. As an addi­tion, the devel­op­ers have pro­vid­ed indi­ca­tors for the bat­tery charge and reboot in the device, which great­ly sim­pli­fies the task for the own­er of the gad­get.

Cardio CardioBase

Car­dio Car­dioBase

The plat­form is glass, which gives the prod­uct an unusu­al and spec­tac­u­lar look. When turned on, a smil­ing emoti­con appears on the dis­play, which diver­si­fies bor­ing weigh­ing and cheers up. There is a mode for preg­nant women. Data of 8 users can be stored on the device. The dis­play is matrix.

After installing a spe­cial appli­ca­tion and con­nect­ing to a mobile device, you can use advanced fea­tures. These include mea­sure­ment of adi­pose and mus­cle tis­sue, BMI, bone mass, water bal­ance. There are notes, reminders, the abil­i­ty to set goals, mon­i­tor achieve­ments. If desired, access to infor­ma­tion can be made open. Data is trans­mit­ted via Blue­tooth and Wi-Fi.

Medisana 40446 PSM

Medis­ana 40446 PSM

Medis­ana 40446 PSM is an excel­lent diag­nos­tic smart scale mod­el that will deter­mine the weight of a per­son, as well as ana­lyze the fol­low­ing para­me­ters: fat, water, bone and mus­cle mass. The scale is a glass plat­form with a non-slip sur­face that is com­fort­able to stand on.

The mate­r­i­al is safe and durable, resis­tant to mechan­i­cal and oth­er types of dam­age. The over­load indi­ca­tor will react to the dan­ger­ous weight for the mod­el. The lim­it val­ue is 180 kg. The device runs on 3 AAA bat­ter­ies. Turns on and off auto­mat­i­cal­ly, about 8 sec­onds after turn­ing on. The scale can be used by the whole fam­i­ly, as it has room in its mem­o­ry to remem­ber the results of 10 users. The dis­play is not back­lit but dis­plays clear results.

Picooc Mini WH

Picooc Mini WH

The device is able to deter­mine 11 para­me­ters. Among them are body mass index, fat, pro­tein, mus­cle and bone mass, flu­id per­cent­age. Addi­tion­al­ly, the device will deter­mine the body type and bio­log­i­cal age.

For full data read­ing, the design pro­vides four built-in con­tacts that start up an elec­tric cur­rent and mea­sure the time it takes to pass through the body when a per­son stands bare­foot on the plat­form, clos­ing the cir­cuit. Thus, var­i­ous sub­stances (fat, mus­cles, bones) are mea­sured, since they dif­fer in con­duc­tiv­i­ty.

If you believe the reviews, Picooc Mini WH does this very effec­tive­ly, unlike its coun­ter­parts, there are prac­ti­cal­ly no com­plaints about the inac­cu­ra­cy of the device. But com­pact­ness has a down­side — some users are unhap­py with the small plat­form, so men with large feet should look for anoth­er mod­el.

Tefal BM9620S1 Goodvibes Life

Tefal BM9620S1 Good­vibes Life

High-tech sen­sors in the design allow you to deter­mine the weight as accu­rate­ly as pos­si­ble.

The device can with­stand a load of up to 180 kg, thanks to the tem­pered glass body and plat­form. In addi­tion to deter­min­ing body weight, the scale can cal­cu­late meta­bol­ic age, % body fat, body mass index, mus­cle and bone mass and hydra­tion lev­els.

You will be able to mon­i­tor changes in the body in real time and adjust your diet and exer­cise if nec­es­sary. Ergonom­ic design will com­ple­ment any inte­ri­or. There is com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with the Google Fit and Health Kit appli­ca­tions for a more con­ve­nient analy­sis of all para­me­ters.

Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale WH

Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale WH

The AH100 Body Fat Scale WH is equipped with a plat­form made of glass, the case has a square shape with round­ed cor­ners, made in light col­or. By con­nect­ing to the app (com­pat­i­ble with Huawei Health), you can per­form all basic cal­cu­la­tions, from BMI to mass frac­tion of water. The device is designed for 10 users, the mea­sure­ment is made in pounds and kilo­grams.

Prod­ucts from Huawei have always been prac­ti­cal. The AH100 Body Fat Scale WH has all the fea­tures you need to keep track of your shape and make oper­a­tion as easy as pos­si­ble. There is a high­light of the num­bers, which makes it eas­i­er to read the results in poor light­ing, auto­mat­ic on and off.

Buy­ers praise the device for the accu­ra­cy of mea­sur­ing weight, but accord­ing to the cal­cu­la­tions of the pro­por­tion of fat, many peo­ple doubt it — there are impres­sive inac­cu­ra­cies. In all oth­er respects, this is a con­ve­nient inex­pen­sive device for mon­i­tor­ing weight and set­ting goals.

Yunmai M1806-BK

Yun­mai M1806-BK

Yun­mai M1806-BK is the best mem­o­ry smart scale accord­ing to users. Its ultra-thin body and min­i­mal­is­tic design will fit into any inte­ri­or, and thanks to its com­pact size, you can store it any­where. The device is pow­ered by built-in bat­ter­ies, which, when ful­ly charged, can last up to 180 days.

It charges with a USB cable. It only takes 3 hours to ful­ly charge. Organ­i­cal­ly built-in LED dis­play con­sists of 35 LEDs, the indi­ca­tors on it will be vis­i­ble at any time of the day. Scales are able to deter­mine 10 cri­te­ria: weight, body mass index, vis­cer­al fat, water bal­ance, mus­cle tis­sue con­di­tion, amount of fat, pro­tein, bone mass, etc. The weight lim­it for the device is 180 kg.

Kitfort KT-805

Kit­fort KT-805

Kit­fort KT-805 is an excel­lent smart scale with para­me­ter mem­o­riza­tion that can sync well with a smart­phone via Blue­tooth wire­less com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The mem­o­ry itself is nec­es­sary to con­trol the dynam­ics of weight. Built-in dis­play back­light allows you to see the num­bers on the screen even in the dark.

Scales can indi­cate not only mass, but also the con­tent of flu­id, fat, mus­cle and bone tis­sue. The plat­form is made of tem­pered glass and can with­stand loads up to 180 kg. In case of over­load, a spe­cial indi­ca­tion will inform you that it is impos­si­ble to mea­sure. The base has rub­ber­ized feet for a more sta­ble posi­tion of the scales on the floor. The device runs on 2 AA bat­ter­ies. The Baby Mode mode will allow you to find out the weight and para­me­ters of the child. You can add up to 24 users in total.

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