Good sleep is a basic need for any per­son. The qual­i­ty of life large­ly depends on it. Lack of sleep and rest promis­es a huge num­ber of prob­lems, rang­ing from headaches and ter­ri­ble irri­ta­tion to dull­ness of atten­tion, decreased per­for­mance and, of course, exac­er­ba­tion of chron­ic dis­eases. In order for these prob­lems to be bypassed, and after wak­ing up you feel cheer­ful and have a pos­i­tive mood, it is very impor­tant to take care of the qual­i­ty of sleep. This will be facil­i­tat­ed not only by a bal­anced diet and the absence of over­load, but also by essen­tial oils — nat­ur­al helpers designed to main­tain human health.

Important rules for good sleep

Important rules for good sleep

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, in recent years, peo­ple are increas­ing­ly faced with a phe­nom­e­non called insom­nia. This dis­ease can man­i­fest itself in dif­fer­ent ways. Some­one is in tor­ment for a long time and can­not fall asleep, and even count­ing the noto­ri­ous lambs does not help; some­one unsuc­cess­ful­ly strug­gles with inter­mit­tent or super­fi­cial sleep, which does not bring any­one plea­sure and ben­e­fit. To restore sleep, adjust your diet as much as pos­si­ble, try not to overex­ert your­self dur­ing the day, go to bed on time and, final­ly, do not engage in vig­or­ous activ­i­ty before lights out. Change your lifestyle fun­da­men­tal­ly.

In addi­tion, take care of the con­di­tion of the room in which you sleep. Reg­u­lar­ly car­ry out wet clean­ing, air the room dai­ly, if pos­si­ble, get a humid­i­fi­er — now they are pre­sent­ed in a huge assort­ment at a very afford­able price. Pay atten­tion to the bed. It should not be too soft and too hard, ide­al­ly pur­chase a spe­cial ortho­pe­dic mat­tress and pil­low. Before going to bed, be sure to take a walk in the near­by park or at least sit on a bench in the court­yard of your house, such pas­sive rest is also use­ful. If you like to watch a movie or read a book before going to bed, stop at calm options, that is, those that will not cause you vio­lent emo­tions and impres­sions.

By evening, reduce men­tal and phys­i­cal stress, trans­fer such activ­i­ties to the morn­ing hours. Do not arrange a “hol­i­day” of the stom­ach before going to bed, in no case eat sweets, salty and smoked meats, oth­er­wise your sleep will be heavy and most like­ly inter­mit­tent. Try not to drink too much liq­uid before bed­time, lim­it your­self to a cup of unsweet­ened rose­hip broth. Do not drink cof­fee or strong tea. If you real­ly want to eat before going to bed, have a snack with an apple or drink a glass of kefir, but no lat­er than 2 hours before bed­time. Do not abuse seda­tives like valer­ian. If you feel ten­sion or ner­vous exhaus­tion, con­sult your doc­tor first, and then turn to such drugs.

Essential oils for relaxation and sleep

Essential oils for relaxation and sleep

Qual­i­ty sleep and rest is sub­ject to essen­tial oils only if you fol­low the above rules. If you like to eat a hearty meal at night or watch a hor­ror movie before bed, fra­grant liq­uids will not help you. Essen­tial oils can be used in many ways, such as tak­ing an aro­mat­ic bath, get­ting a mas­sage, or enjoy­ing the sooth­ing scent com­ing from an aro­ma lamp. Aro­ma pen­dants also con­tribute to good sleep — by the way, you can eas­i­ly cre­ate them your­self at home.

If you need calm and qual­i­ty rest after a tir­ing day at work, resort to essen­tial oils of chamomile, damask rose, hops, patchouli, laven­der or lemon balm. These oils will give peace of mind and relieve ner­vous ten­sion. In addi­tion, they min­i­mize phys­i­cal fatigue, espe­cial­ly when used dur­ing a mas­sage. If you are a hostage to severe stress or are in a state of depres­sion, try turn­ing to berg­amot essen­tial oil. It will dri­ve away bad thoughts and set you up in a pos­i­tive way.

If you find it dif­fi­cult to fall asleep or wake up fre­quent­ly dur­ing the night, charge an aro­ma lamp with cypress or juniper essen­tial oil. If dur­ing the day you feel like out of your “plate” or it seems to you that the whole world has turned its back on you, take a bath with neroli or man­darin essen­tial oil before going to bed. Whether you’re a dancer, a dri­ver with­out a car, or a sales­per­son who has to stand on his feet dur­ing the day, try oils for deep relax­ation and relax­ation. Aro­mather­a­py experts include frank­in­cense, clary sage, and ylang-ylang.

If you had to be ner­vous before going to bed or you are in an irri­ta­ble state, resort to the aro­mas of essen­tial oils of anise, worm­wood or rose. By the way, the lat­ter is effec­tive if you have night­mares in a dream for a cou­ple of days. If you are prone to increased lev­els of anx­i­ety, are lone­ly, or can­not find mutu­al under­stand­ing with your soul­mate, mas­sage by adding a few drops of fen­nel or pep­per­mint essen­tial oil to the base oil. Remem­ber that essen­tial oils can cause an aller­gic reac­tion, so take care of the test in advance.

Features of aromatic massage

Features of aromatic massage

Every­one knows that mas­sage is a great way to calm and relieve ten­sion. It also pre­pares for sleep, mak­ing it deep and sweet. Before start­ing the mas­sage, be sure to take a warm show­er or bath. Pre­pare a fresh mix­ture, take any car­ri­er oil and add a few drops of the required essen­tial oil. In order not to over­do it with a fra­grant liq­uid, which can adverse­ly affect the gen­er­al con­di­tion or even cause a headache, nau­sea or vom­it­ing, read the instruc­tions for using the oil, as a rule, it is includ­ed in the pack­ag­ing attached to the bot­tle.

If there is no assis­tant who could car­ry out a full body mas­sage, pay spe­cial atten­tion to the feet. It is known that there are more than sev­en dozen nerve end­ings on the human foot, which, in turn, are respon­si­ble for the state and func­tion­ing of inter­nal organs and sys­tems. And, by the way, on the Inter­net and in spe­cial­ized lit­er­a­ture, you can find a man­u­al that tells clear­ly in the form of a pic­ture where this or that point is locat­ed. Famil­iar­ize your­self with it and pro­ceed to a foot mas­sage. Do not make too sud­den move­ments, start with stroking and cir­cu­lar move­ments, smooth­ly pro­ceed to point pres­sure. Over time, you will get to know your­self, learn to lis­ten to your body, which will make the mas­sage more effec­tive.


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