Beef tongue con­tains many valu­able sub­stances, so it is high­ly desir­able to include it in your diet. It is used to pre­pare many deli­cious dish­es. How to pre­pare the tongue?

The nuances of cooking

First of all, you need to choose the right offal. You should choose a beef tongue with an even col­or of a small size.

To pre­pare the tongue, you can take dif­fer­ent spices and veg­eta­bles. Dill, pars­ley, onion, car­rot, turnip are most often added to the broth. As for spices, thyme, basil, black and all­spice, cloves are suit­able.

Cook­ing steps:

    Rinse the offal with water, cut off the remaining blood.
    Soak for thirty minutes.
    Cook for fifteen minutes under a lid over low heat.
    Rinse with water and fill with fresh. Put on fire.
    After an hour and a half, add spices to your taste.
    Cook for about 1.5 more hours.
    Hold the finished tongue for a couple of minutes under cold water.
    Remove the skin and return to the broth, cook for another half hour.

The larg­er the by-prod­uct, the longer it needs to be cooked. If the tongue weighs 1 kg, then it takes 2 hours to cook, if more than a kilo­gram, then it will take about 3 hours.

Cook over low heat, avoid­ing a strong boil. The foam must be removed. If the water boils away, you need to add boil­ing water. If after cook­ing the tongue is poor­ly cleaned, boil for anoth­er 30 min­utes.

Recipe Options

Recipe Options

This offal is used in the prepa­ra­tion of snacks, sal­ads, fill­ings for zrazy, it is cooked with var­i­ous sauces, mar­i­nat­ed. Here are some beef tongue recipes.

With sour cream

Boil beef tongue with spices. Chop two onions, fry in but­ter. Add a tea­spoon of flour, fry. Pour in 200 ml of broth and the same amount of sour cream. Cut the tongue into slices and put on the onion. Boil in the sauce for five min­utes.

With mushroom sauce

Boil the tongue with turnips, car­rots and two onions. Chop three onions, fry in but­ter and sim­mer. Fine­ly chop 10 boiled mush­rooms and sim­mer with onions until ten­der. Cut the tongue into slices, put in the sauce and cook for sev­en min­utes.

warm salad

Cut the egg­plant into cubes, fry. Add chopped red pep­per, half chopped onion and fry too. Boil beef tongue, cut into slices (requires 200 g). Put it on the veg­eta­bles, warm it up. Put 200 g of pick­led mush­rooms on let­tuce leaves, and all oth­er ingre­di­ents, sea­son with a mix­ture of bal­sam­ic vine­gar, sug­ar, soy sauce, French mus­tard.

Pork roll with tongue

Boil the tongue. Pre­pare a mari­nade from three tea­spoons of tea leaves, 400 ml of boil­ing water, a cou­ple of bay leaves, black pep­per­corns and a clove bud. Bring the mari­nade to a boil and cook for three min­utes. Put the tongue in the mari­nade and leave for half an hour. 800 g of pork unfold like a book, make cuts, cov­er with foil and beat off. Grate meat with oregano, thyme, black and red ground pep­per. Lay the bacon slices on the pork, put the tongue on the side and roll up. Tie with twine. Pour tea mari­nade into a bak­ing sheet, put a roll in it, cov­er with foil. Bake for a lit­tle less than an hour.

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Try dif­fer­ent recipes with this offal.

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