Sleep and beau­ti­ful hair are two close­ly relat­ed con­cepts. Lack of sleep and improp­er­ly orga­nized rest are fraught with loss of health and attrac­tive­ness of hair. This fact has been con­firmed by numer­ous stud­ies.

It is dur­ing the night’s sleep that the hair receives the pro­tein nec­es­sary for their growth, they grow cor­rect­ly and quick­ly. Lack of sleep can lead to hair loss, thin­ning, and even par­tial bald­ness.

To pro­tect your hair while you sleep:

    Do not tie your hair with elastic bands, tight ponytails and pigtails. You can braid your hair in a loose, but in no case, tight braid. This will allow the hair not to be injured during sleep and not to be confused.

    The pil­low should just raise your head a lit­tle. This will relieve exces­sive swelling, reten­tion and stag­na­tion of excess flu­id in the tis­sues, nor­mal­ize blood flow to all vital sys­tems of the body.

    Sleep at least 8 hours.

To ensure that the hair “breathes” dur­ing sleep, it is nec­es­sary to wash off all cos­met­ic styling prod­ucts from them before going to bed.

How to fix the situation if the hair is already damaged?

It is nec­es­sary to nor­mal­ize not only the dura­tion of sleep, but also the process itself.

Ana­lyze the place of your sleep. Is the bed­ding cor­rect? Is the mat­tress too hard or the pil­low too big? Is your bed com­fort­able in gen­er­al? If not, healthy sleep is out of the ques­tion. And unhealthy sleep will not make hair beau­ti­ful.

It is also extreme­ly impor­tant to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, do not eat fat­ty, junk, salty foods and alco­hol at night.

Hair for a woman is a very impor­tant indi­ca­tor of her beau­ty and health. Beau­ti­ful and shin­ing hair is half of the suc­cess­ful image of a mod­ern per­son. Treat your hair with care and under­stand­ing, do not overdry it, do not get car­ried away with a hair dry­er and oth­er hot styling devices, and be sure to apply heat pro­tec­tants to your hair before using them.

Do not comb wet hair, as in this con­di­tion they are very vul­ner­a­ble and can be injured. Choose hair care prod­ucts accord­ing to your hair type, do not neglect good sleep and beau­ti­ful hair will be pro­vid­ed to you.

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woman, winter, snow
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