For a cheerful morning and an active day: 25 ways to wake up full of strength and energy

It is known that peo­ple are divid­ed into “larks”, who feel a surge of vig­or in the morn­ing, and “owls”, whose activ­i­ty increas­es in the after­noon and at night. Many con­sid­er them­selves to be the lat­ter, attribut­ing heavy morn­ings to the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the body. How­ev­er, this opin­ion is erro­neous, because often the “owls” of us are made sim­ply by the usu­al urban rhythm. Emo­tion­al mood, prop­er nutri­tion and nec­es­sary phys­i­cal activ­i­ty will help to adjust the nor­mal mode.

General doctor’s advice

Suf­fi­cient sleep is an impor­tant com­po­nent of a healthy lifestyle, so the advice of doc­tors in case of var­i­ous ail­ments is often asso­ci­at­ed with the orga­ni­za­tion of nor­mal con­di­tions in the bed­room.

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    Light and darkness. It is necessary to sleep in complete darkness, so the body rests much better. But the bright rays of the sun will help you wake up quickly.
    Silence. The bedroom should be the quietest room in the house.
    Fresh air. Stuffiness, like harsh sounds, makes sleep disturbing.
    Correct temperature. In a cool room (18–22°C), a person falls asleep more soundly.
    Humidity. The best option is 45–55%.

Evening: proper nutrition and preparation for sleep

In order to wake up refreshed, it is very impor­tant to take care of the right evening and going to bed.

    Light dinner. Avoid overeating at night, proper nutrition for dinner is a salad of fresh vegetables, porridge, a little cheese or cottage cheese, a glass of kefir.
    Herbal tea. Suitable herbs with a relaxing effect — motherwort, mint, linden.
    Cup of milk with honey.
    Go to bed no later than 22:00.
    Proper clothing. Choose loose pajamas made from natural fabrics that are pleasant to the touch.
    No computer or TV. Annoying factors that do not contribute to relaxation.
    Warm bath.
    Breathing exercises.
    Refusal of negative emotions. Unload the brain — read a book, disconnect from stress and worries.
    Plan for tomorrow. Plan something interesting for the morning that will make you want to wake up.

Morning: fitness and emotional mood

The task of the morn­ing is to acti­vate the forces of the body, then there will be enough ener­gy for the whole day.

    Do not set the time on the alarm clock. An endless series of waking up and falling asleep will not bring cheerfulness.
    Get out of bed immediately.
    Charging, workout. Morning fitness is an essential component of a vigorous day.
    Dancing. A nice alternative to the usual workout.
    Jogging on the street.
    Nice upbeat music.
    Cold and hot shower.
    A glass of citrus juice. It helps to cheer up no worse than coffee, gives the body the vitamin C necessary for immunity.
    Tasks scheduled for the morning. Thoughts about them motivate you to get out of bed faster and join an active rhythm.
    Smile. Positive emotions make any task easier.

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