For good health and well-being, prop­er sleep is a must. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, with the mod­ern rhythm of life, it is not always pos­si­ble to ensure a good night’s rest.

It used to be thought that a full sleep should last about eight hours. So every­one has to spend almost a third of the day in bed? It’s not oblig­a­tory. There are spe­cial tech­niques that allow you to ful­ly restore strength in a short­er time.

Sleep phases

Before you begin to study the meth­ods of accel­er­at­ed sleep, you should get acquaint­ed with its struc­ture. Sleep con­sists of two phas­es: REM and non-REM sleep. Each of these phas­es is nec­es­sary to main­tain a full life and a com­plete rejec­tion of one of them can lead to unpleas­ant con­se­quences.

In the phase of REM sleep (“rapid eye move­ments”), which lasts about 20 min­utes, recov­ery and opti­miza­tion of brain func­tions occurs. Dur­ing this peri­od, the brain process­es all the infor­ma­tion received dur­ing the day. It is dur­ing REM sleep that a per­son sees dreams that are prod­ucts of his own brain.

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Dur­ing slow sleep, the entire body is restored as a whole. In this phase, the hor­mon­al and immune sta­tus­es are cor­rect­ed, leuko­cytes and inter­leukins are formed that pro­tect the body from infec­tions, skin cells and the gas­troin­testi­nal tract are active­ly restored. The absence of this phase can lead to fre­quent viral and colds, dis­eases of the car­dio­vas­cu­lar and endocrine sys­tems. If you wake up a per­son in the phase of slow sleep, then he will feel tired, sleepy and lethar­gic.

How to sleep less and stay healthy?

A short nap can also become ful­fill­ing if orga­nized wise­ly. There are sev­er­al tech­niques based on reduc­ing sleep time due to the slow phase:

    The Siesta system involves the organization of a short daytime sleep and a long nighttime sleep. Daytime sleep should last no more than 20 minutes — during this time the brain will have time to recover and, as a result, the time of night rest will be reduced by a couple of hours;
    ladder system. The principle of this system is similar to “Siesta”, but there should be several sessions of daytime sleep. So, if you want to reduce sleep at night by 4 hours, you need to arrange two twenty-minute sleep sessions during the day;
    The “superhuman” method of sleep involves reducing the night’s rest by several short sessions of sleep during the day. This technique is very difficult for the body, it cannot be used for a long time due to the danger of symptoms of nervous overwork;
    the use of special alarm clocks and applications that control sleep phases. Today, a huge number of “helpers” have appeared that will help you wake up at the end of REM sleep. Their use is absolutely harmless and is an excellent prevention of chronic fatigue.

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