Wash­ing a blan­ket in the wash­ing machine is a great way. It does not require much effort and almost always guar­an­tees excel­lent results. Of course, if you know the fea­tures of the mate­r­i­al from which it is made. In order not to spoil the thing after the first wash, it is nec­es­sary to decide in what mode and at what tem­per­a­ture to wash, as well as how to wring out and dry.

What to wash fleece in?

The main qual­i­ties of the mate­r­i­al for which fleece is so high­ly val­ued are its soft­ness and the abil­i­ty to per­fect­ly retain heat. How­ev­er, if the fleece item is not prop­er­ly cared for, its char­ac­ter­is­tics may change and not for the bet­ter. To appre­ci­ate the vari­ety and bright­ness of fleece mod­els, just look at the cat­a­log of blan­kets on the web­site of the Dream­catch­er online store.

First you need to remem­ber that a fleece blan­ket is syn­thet­ic. And like any oth­er non-nat­ur­al fab­ric, fleece requires a care­ful atti­tude. In no case should you use deter­gents with an aggres­sive com­po­si­tion in which chlo­rine is present. Espe­cial­ly if the blan­ket is light. Chlo­rine destroys the fibers, mak­ing them rigid, with a char­ac­ter­is­tic yel­low­ish tinge. It is best to use a mild wash­ing gel for del­i­cate fab­rics. Why not pow­der? Yes, because the fleece has a fleecy tex­ture and the gran­ules poor­ly dis­solved in warm water are not rinsed out even after repeat­ed attempts. If there is no spe­cial liq­uid prod­uct avail­able and you plan to wash it by hand, and not in a wash­ing machine, it is best to replace it with ordi­nary laun­dry soap, also pre-dis­solved in water.

Water temperature

Tem­per­a­ture char­ac­ter­is­tics when wash­ing in the machine and on the hands of fleece items also play an impor­tant role. If there are traces of heavy pol­lu­tion on the blan­ket, then before putting it in the drum of the wash­ing machine, we advise you to soak it in a warm, weak­ly con­cen­trat­ed solu­tion of deter­gent for half an hour. Some­times this is enough to get rid of the dirt.

The tem­per­a­ture for wash­ing a fleece blan­ket should not exceed 35 degrees. Recall that syn­thet­ics are sen­si­tive to high tem­per­a­tures and after wash­ing such a blan­ket in hot water, you can sim­ply “weld” it, and the dirt will firm­ly eat into the fibers.

By hand or by machine?

    If you have the choice to wash your blanket in the washing machine or by hand, choose a hand wash. This method does not deform the canvas, while maintaining the shape of the product. For machine wash, choose the most gentle setting. Since high-density fleece blankets are quite bulky, make sure your blanket will fit in the drum before you decide to machine wash.
    It is not recommended to wring out a fleece blanket after both machine and hand washing. It is enough just to put it on the grate and let the excess moisture drain freely. Drying in the machine is unacceptable in principle. After it, the plaid will look rolled up, untidy and, most likely, will lose its shape. But adding a little conditioner when rinsing is not only possible, but also necessary. Modern air conditioners help to avoid the accumulation of static electricity, which means that the blanket will not attract dust so actively and it will need to be washed less often.
    Dry the fleece blanket away from direct sunlight and heating appliances. It is best to lay out a slightly damp thing on a horizontal surface, straightening the formed folds and creases. Drying on a clothesline is undesirable, since after it a clearly visible kink will remain on the blanket, the pile will be taken, and the product may stretch out.

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