The first bath of a new­born rais­es many ques­tions from par­ents — how to keep the baby, how to make him like it, what should the water be like so as not to harm thin and sen­si­tive skin?

It is water that plays the most impor­tant role for the first bathing of a baby. Here, not only the opti­mal mode is impor­tant, but also the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the water itself:

    Boiled, tap or bottled water can be used for bathing. Tap water can only be used after cleaning — otherwise there is a high risk of catching an unnecessary infection. So almost always the water for bathing a newborn is specially prepared.
    To soften water, it is not necessary to boil it at all. It is better if you add sea salt, baby foam or herbal decoction.
    The water temperature that is comfortable for the baby is selected experimentally, since this factor will remain individual for each baby. The water temperature is checked with a thermometer — its value should be at around 36.6 °. If there is no thermometer, then you can check the temperature of the water with your elbow — lower it into the water: it should not be cold or hot. However, it’s better to still get a thermometer, and not trust your tactile sensations. Be sure to watch the child — at a suitable water temperature, the baby will behave calmly, and will react to any discomfort by crying.
    Bath time also matters. It is not at all necessary to do this in the evening — bathing can overexcite the baby and he will not sleep well. As for the time spent in the water, it all depends on the baby — when he gets tired of the process, he will cry indignantly.
    The means that you will add to the water also play a role. It is optimal to use an infusion of herbs that eliminates sweating, irritation and diaper rash. Bathing with the addition of chamomile decoction is very useful for girls. If you use cosmetic products for bathing, then choose those that do not contain antibacterial additives and alkali — as a rule, such products are produced in whole series for care.

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