For some, insom­nia is tor­ture and pun­ish­ment. And for those who have to spend a long time behind the wheel, sleep is dan­ger­ous — sleep at the wheel. More than a third of all acci­dents and road acci­dents occur due to dri­ver fatigue.

Vaca­tions and vaca­tion trips are ahead — to a coun­try house in the sub­urbs or by auto­tourists in Europe. Any trip longer than 5 hours can be con­sid­ered a long trip. Espe­cial­ly if the dri­ver usu­al­ly dri­ves short­er dis­tances and is not used to long dri­ving.

Signs of overwork

    It becomes difficult to concentrate. You notice that you do not remember how you drove the last section of the road, you stop noticing traffic signs. The gaze is fixed somewhere on the horizon, and it is difficult to transfer it to the visibility zone in front of the hood.
    There is a desire to move as little as possible, and hold the steering wheel with one finger.
    Blinking becomes slow — you don’t want to open your eyes. Dry in the mouth.
    I want to change the position of the body, stretch.

Pas­sen­gers may notice that the dri­ver’s respons­es become less intel­li­gi­ble and fol­low with some delay. The car can often be brought to the side of the road, then to the oncom­ing lane, the dri­ver does not keep the dis­tance well, the move­ment occurs at an unsta­ble speed.

How to avoid overwork

    Before the road, be sure to get a good night’s sleep.
    Do not take any drugs that reduce the ability to concentrate. Such drugs are often prescribed for the prevention and treatment of depression, hypertension, allergies, colds, etc.
    You need to stop every 2–3 hours to warm up or just wash yourself with cold water (preferably carbonated, tickling gas bubbles enhances the effect)
    Make sure the cabin is not too warm. It is useful to open the window — fresh air invigorates better than energy drinks.
    Before a long journey, you need proper nutrition: enough high-calorie, but not too plentiful and heavy.
    Take a companion and talk to him. If the passenger begins to nod off, send him to the back seat so that he does not put him to sleep with his appearance.
    If there is music or radio, you need to either change stations and musical styles, or alternate sound and silence.
    It is better not to drink energy drinks. Natural coffee or strong tea is healthier.
    It is very invigorating to knead the muscles in the cervical-collar zone.

Expe­ri­enced dri­vers say that reg­u­lar rest stops and warm-ups do not length­en the jour­ney time very much, but they sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce the like­li­hood fall asleep at the wheel from fatigue and gen­er­al­ly nowhere to come.

By Yraa

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