Of course, preg­nan­cy is a dif­fi­cult peri­od in the life of every woman, but this is not a rea­son to “wrap your­self in a cocoon” and lim­it your­self in every­thing, although you will have to be more care­ful about your health.

The onset of preg­nan­cy can lead to rad­i­cal changes in a wom­an’s taste pref­er­ences. For exam­ple, you may want com­plete­ly non-stan­dard com­bi­na­tions, or your favorite famil­iar food will begin to irri­tate. Of course, the diet of a preg­nant woman is of great impor­tance. It is impor­tant that the prod­ucts are fresh and con­tain the prop­er amount of min­er­als, trace ele­ments and vit­a­mins. The diet should be var­ied — healthy cere­als should be sup­ple­ment­ed with high-qual­i­ty fer­ment­ed milk prod­ucts. Do not deny your­self small gas­tro­nom­ic plea­sures, because the good mood of the moth­er also means a lot.

Of course, there is also a list of pro­hib­it­ed foods — so, the food you choose should be nat­ur­al, so it is advis­able to avoid fla­vor enhancers and preser­v­a­tives. Com­mon drinks such as cof­fee and green tea also car­ry a poten­tial threat: caf­feine can cause a baby to lose weight dur­ing fetal devel­op­ment or even pro­voke a mis­car­riage. And the sub­stances con­tained in green tea pre­vent the prop­er absorp­tion of folic acid. Car­bon­at­ed drinks are also far from the best option, as they pro­voke strong fer­men­ta­tion in the intestines.

Sharp, high­ly fat­ty foods, fried foods and such vari­eties of fish as mack­er­el and tuna are also sub­ject to exclu­sion from the diet. Both sushi and raw shell­fish are banned — the whole point is that ther­mal­ly unprocessed foods can be a source of path­o­gen­ic microflo­ra or pro­voke helminth­ic infec­tion. It is also unde­sir­able to use soft cheeses (camem­bert, feta, brie), since their tech­nol­o­gy does not pro­vide for the pas­teur­iza­tion process. Of course, raw milk is also black­list­ed.

If you want to eat raw eggs, then choose quail eggs — sal­mo­nel­la does not live in them. Chick­en eggs are allowed only in the form of scram­bled eggs. How­ev­er, this prod­uct should not be abused, since it is a fair­ly strong aller­gen. Not allowed: uncooked meat, sausages, cold-smoked prod­ucts, ready-made pates — all this can cause tox­ic poi­son­ing. Mari­nades and pick­les should be exclud­ed — they increase the bur­den on the kid­neys.

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