When is the best time for a baby to sleep? It all depends on his age. Very young chil­dren sleep a lot, and they need to be put to bed ear­li­er. Old­er chil­dren may skip naps and go to bed a lit­tle lat­er.

daytime sleep

It is nec­es­sary to focus on the child, his needs and well-being. One child is more awake and sleeps less. The oth­er sleeps quite a lot. Some­one sleeps from 13 to 15 hours, and some­one from 14 to 16. Much in the dai­ly rou­tine can be indi­vid­ual.

If the child feels well, not lethar­gic and not overex­cit­ed, then you can put him to bed a lit­tle lat­er, but with­in half an hour. Let him play more, then he will sleep bet­ter and fall asleep faster. If the usu­al time for sleep has not yet come, and the child is already tired, plays com­plete­ly inac­tive or is naughty, it is worth putting him to bed ear­li­er.

Babies under one year sleep a lot through­out the day. The old­er the child gets, the less he sleeps. First twice a day, then once. There are chil­dren who do not want to sleep dur­ing the day at all. If the child is quite active and at the same time does not want to sleep at all, you can just lie down and lis­ten to a book that par­ents are read­ing. It is advis­able to get some rest. If the child dur­ing the day plays lit­tle active games and walks, it is worth adding phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. Play foot­ball with him, go for a walk in the park. When the child plays well and takes a walk, he will get tired and pos­si­bly fall asleep dur­ing the day. But don’t force your­self to sleep.

Night sleep

Night sleep

As for night sleep, young chil­dren can be put to bed at 20–21 hours. Old­er chil­dren can be put to bed at 20.30–21.30. This is the pre­ferred bed­time. But even here there are options. It may well be that the child falls asleep at 22.00 and wakes up at 7 in the morn­ing, while feel­ing great. And anoth­er child can go to bed at 20.00 and at the same time wake up only at 9 o’clock in the morn­ing. The main thing is that the child is active and feels good.

If the child does not fall asleep well, it is worth tak­ing cer­tain mea­sures.

    First, increase activity during the day. Walk twice a day, play outdoor games. If the child does not like such activities too much, find something that will captivate him, engage with him.
    Secondly, in the evening, 1.5–2 hours before bedtime, switch to calm games. Read books, draw, make puzzles, play board games.
    Thirdly, before going to bed, you can take a walk in the fresh air. This helps a lot.
    Fourth, you need to prepare the room for sleep. Ventilate, turn off the light, humidify the air if the room is dry.
    Fifth, it is necessary to monitor the food that the child consumes before bedtime. Sweets and buns should not be given. You should not drink a lot of liquid. It is best to choose dairy products without sugar, cereal or vegetables.
    Sixth, if the child is overexcited, you can do a light relaxing massage or take a bath.

The best time to sleep is when your child is most com­fort­able falling asleep. That is, you should always focus on the child. How­ev­er, it is impor­tant to observe the regime of the day, which is devel­oped over time. Cer­tain lim­its must be adhered to. You should not go to bed at 20.00 one day, and at 23.00 the next. It won’t do any good. Of course, cer­tain options may be, but with­in rea­son.

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