Per­haps the most unpleas­ant will be the spit­ting up of the baby, lead­ing you to the thought “some­thing is wrong.” You can refer to med­ical sta­tis­tics that say that about 60% of babies aged 1–6 months spit up to three times dai­ly. Why is this hap­pen­ing?

First of all, the fault is the spe­cial struc­ture of the diges­tive sys­tem of a lit­tle man. After all, even the organs here are locat­ed some­what dif­fer­ent­ly than in an adult. The weak­ness of the diges­tive tract is due to the fact that the esoph­a­gus and stom­ach are con­nect­ed to each oth­er at an angle of 90 degrees. In addi­tion, the stom­ach reacts strong­ly to over­flow, since its mucous mem­brane is par­tic­u­lar­ly sen­si­tive. So you should­n’t over­feed your baby.

Air enter­ing the esoph­a­gus dur­ing feed­ing can also cause regur­gi­ta­tion. To pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing, you need to ensure the cor­rect posi­tion of the baby dur­ing feed­ing. This can be done using a spe­cial pil­low that sup­ports the baby. Overeat­ing may also be the cause. To pro­tect the child dur­ing spit­ting up, he must be put to sleep on the bar­rel. This will pre­vent pos­si­ble chok­ing on vom­it dur­ing sleep. And after eat­ing, hold it in a “col­umn” so that air comes out of the esoph­a­gus.

How­ev­er, pro­fuse and fre­quent regur­gi­ta­tion is a good rea­son to con­tact a pedi­a­tri­cian, espe­cial­ly if it is accom­pa­nied by weight loss of the crumbs. This may be a con­se­quence of inflam­ma­to­ry process­es or prob­lems with the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem. That is, con­sul­ta­tion with a spe­cial­ist will not hurt — if only because it can ensure your peace of mind.

If we are talk­ing about adjust­ing the diges­tive process­es to elim­i­nate regur­gi­ta­tion, then here you can try the fol­low­ing meth­ods. Try intro­duc­ing thick­er foods into your baby’s diet, such as those based on rice starch (a nat­ur­al thick­en­er). By the way, rice-based mix­tures are an excel­lent pre­ven­tion of prob­lems such as flat­u­lence and dys­bac­te­rio­sis. If your baby is breast­fed, then per­haps mom needs to adjust her own diet.

If you approach the solu­tion of this prob­lem in a com­plex way, you can com­plete­ly get rid of regur­gi­ta­tion and enjoy the growth and devel­op­ment of a healthy baby.

By Yraa

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