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The term “secondary care” is sometimes used synonymously with “hospital care”. However, many secondary care providers, such as psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, most dental specialties or physiotherapists, do not essentially work in hospitals. Depending on the group and policies …

Healthy lifestyles for dementia prevention

  1. Severine Sabiaresearch professor1,
  2. Archana Singh-Manouxresearch professor2
  1. 1Université Paris Cité, Inserm 1153, Epidemiology of Aging and Neurodegenerative diseases, France
  2. 2Faculty of Brain Sciences, University College London, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to: S Sabia

An increasingly

‘I’m Ready to Change My Life’

My 600-Lb. Life is back for season 11, and the stakes are high for a group of morbidly obese people who wish to turn their lives around.

Each episode follows a year in the lives of these individuals, as they

Jump-Start Your Health in 2023

Whether you’re just starting or want to turbocharge your momentum and results, the 60day provides all the tools

CHANHASSEN, Minn., Jan. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For those looking to get started, or back on track, with their health and

Top secret for a long life: expert weighs in

Longevity and mental health are more linked than you might realize. “Our bodies and minds are not separate, so it’s really no surprise that our mental health and our physical health are closely connected, especially when it comes to aging,”

Muscle Relax Techniques That Help You Destress Instantly

There are many relaxation techniques. The best known is Progressive Neuromuscular Relaxation. It is based on the findings of the American scientist E. Jacobson, namely that stressful situations are usually accompanied by an increase in muscle tension, while in calm

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

In our daily lives, each of us can have an experience that is overwhelming, frightening, and beyond our control. We may be involved in a car accident, be the victim of an assault or witness an accident. These experiences are

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