How smoking affects women’s health: myths and facts

[ad_1] Once upon a time, smoking was a privilege exclusively for men, but with the development of feminist and emancipatory ideas, it became intended to equalize women with them. The image of a strong, independent lady from the light hand of tobacco kings was accompanied by the same smoking cigarette in her hand. Ladies of […]

10 Health and Beauty Tips for a 30-Year-Old Woman

[ad_1] Yes, yes, there are plenty of uninvited advisers everywhere, like fleas on a mongrel. And each of the women herself can, without much effort, compile a three-volume set of useful tips for all occasions. However, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to other people’s advice. Simply because everyone’s experience is different. Perhaps some […]

Menopause and women’s health after 45 years

[ad_1] Ladies after 45 years of age are faced with a problem that would not bother them at all, whether they were girls or young 30-year-old women. Increasingly, from many of them you can hear the phrase: “I can’t accept that this is coming”, “how to survive this period”. This period is called menopause and […]